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Discover How to Build Your Own Opt-in List

There are hundreds of ways to generate traffic to a web site.   But. . . what happens after they have bought?   Sure, it’s good that you made a sale, however, doesn’t it make good sense to have the buyer return again and again?
有数百种方法可以为网站生成流量。 但。。。 他们买完后会发生什么? 当然,你做出售是件好事,然而,让买家一次又一次地回来是不是很有道理?


Of course it does.  You can have a great looking site and a terrific product.  But it just makes good business sense to have a mechanism in place that will insure the viewer returns to buy more.
当然可以。 您可以拥有一个外观漂亮的网站和一个了不起的产品。 但是,建立一个能确保观众回归购买更多机制的商业意义。

Making that fSubscriberboost 1irst sale is just the beginning.

Knowing how to have the customer return is where an opt-in list becomes crucial.   Subscriber Boost teaches you how to build an opt-in list by creating an automatic sales machine that will generate repeat sales over and over again.
知道如何让客户返回是选择列表变得至关重要的地方。 Subscriber Boost教您如何通过创建一个可以反复生成重复销售的自动销售机器来构建选择列表。


Learn how the author uses methods to subscribe over 1000 people month after month.  It isn’t complicated.  You can learn how to start from ground base zero and build an opt-in list guaranteed to generate a healthy income.
Here are just a few hot topics you will learn from Subscriber Boost:
了解作者如何使用方法每月订阅超过1000人。 这并不复杂。 您可以学习如何从地面零点开始,并建立一个保证产生健康收入的选择列表。

以下是您将从Subscriber Boost中学到的一些热门话题:

  Two simple programs that generate 5 – 30 new subscribers a day 
  Get them on top of whatever else you’re generating – Free
让他们掌握你正在产生的任何其他东西 – 免费
  How to capture email addresses from the subscriber’s browser
  Get the “actual” address and improve subscription rates
  How to offer “free” ads
  An  awesome method to generate new subscribers!!
  How to”barter” for free advertising
  Never pay for advertising again
  Where to get free and cheap scripts 
  Run your mailing list automatically

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