To Sleep Perchance To Dream? – Sleep Problems and Answers 睡到梦想? – 睡眠问题和答案

Sorry, Will, but for some people that is easier said than done.

Are you one of the millions of people who suffer from sleep deprivation?

Did you know that sleep deprivation is one of the tools used to interrogate prisoners?

It is one of the most effective means of breaking prisoners.

Now,if it can be used for terrorist interrogation, just imagine what it’s doing to you?

Lack of sleep is really debilitating and not a laughing matter. If you suffer from sleep depriva-tion, you truly owe it to yourself to do a little research and find out just how bad it can be for your health and well being.
睡眠不足实在令人虚弱,而不是笑话。 如果您患有睡眠剥夺,您真正应该自己做一些研究,并找出它对您的健康和健康有多么糟糕。

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Well, I’m sure Will was not referring to insomnia when he penned those famous lines from Hamlet.  But it’s also a sure bet that at some point he, too, suffered from this common contemporary malady.
嗯,我肯定威尔在写下哈姆雷特那些着名的台词时并不是指失眠。 但这也是一个肯定的赌注,在某些时候,他也遭受了这种普遍的当代疾病。

Millions of people suffer from the inability to get a good nights sleep.  Sleep can be likened to a “bank” and after awhile you find that your bank account is severely overdrawn.
数百万人无法获得良好的睡眠。 睡眠可以比作“银行”,过了一段时间,你会发现你的银行账户严重透支。

Lack of sleep has far reaching ramifications in our personal and professional lives.  Lack of focus, inability to stay on task and a general lethargic attitude are but a few of the results of poor sleep habits.
睡眠不足对我们的个人生活和职业生涯产生了深远的影响。 缺乏专注,无法完成任务和一般昏昏欲睡的态度只是睡眠习惯不良的一小部分结果。

You can turn this debilitating problem around if you have the right motivation and tools to do so.

How can you do that?

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You could see a a  specialist in sleep therapy and perhaps even participate in a sleep lab experiment.  This is a pretty radical move that could be costly but should be pursued if all else fails.
您可以看到睡眠治疗专家,甚至可能参加睡眠实验室实验。 这是一个非常激进的举动,可能代价高昂,但如果一切都失败,应该继续采取行动。