What’s the BIG Idea? – Your Better Ideas Guide! 什么是大想法? – 你的更好的想法指南!

Well, I don’t know, do YOU?

Having a big idea should really be called a “better” idea.

Do you have better ideas? If not, do you wish you did?
你有更好的想法吗? 如果没有,你希望你做到了吗?


Well, you can. Instead of letting your life just drift along like a lazy river why not invest a little time in yourself and learn how to create better ideas?
好吧,你可以。 而不是让你的生活像懒惰的河流一样漂流,为什么不在自己身上投入一点时间,学习如何创造更好的想法?

Book 121

It’s like anything else in life. You can make it happen.
Better ideas have far reaching results whether in your personal or professional life.
这就像生活中的其他任何东西。 你可以实现它。

You just have to tune in. It helps if you have a roadmap. And, you can get one here:
你只需要收听。如果你有路线图,它会有所帮助。 而且,你可以在这里得到一个: