Connect with More People 与更多人联系

That really isn’t a trick question.  We all know them don’t we?  People who just ooze confidence and charisma.  They are at home in any environment or situation.  Sometimes, they may be referred to in romance novels as “silver-tongued devils.”
这真的不是一个棘手的问题。 我们都知道他们不是吗? 只是渗透信心和魅力的人。 他们在任何环境或情况下都在家。 有时,他们可能会在浪漫小说中被称为“银舌魔鬼”。

How do they do it?  It’s really puzzling.  Family gatherings, business meetings, school functions and more.  We see them everywhere and, while we may marvel at their ability to lure others like a moth to the flame, we are usually a bit envious.
他们是如何做到的呢? 这真是令人费解。 家庭聚会,商务会议,学校活动等。 我们到处都看到它们,虽然我们可能会惊叹于它们像火蛾一样吸引其他人的能力,但我们通常有点羡慕。

Or perhaps your experience is slightly different.  Do you have a circle of friends that you hold close?  It seems like these folks just seem to fit your needs for friendship and companionship like a glove.
或许您的体验略有不同。 你有一群亲密的朋友吗? 看起来这些人似乎恰好符合你对友谊和友谊的需求,就像手套一样。

Neither of those scenarios is right or wrong.  But, what if you find yourself in a place where you must broaden your sphere of influence?  Maybe you feel like you are in a rut and need to make some changes?  After all, they do say that variety is the “spice of life?”
这些场景都不对或错。 但是,如果您发现自己处于一个必须扩大影响范围的地方呢? 也许你觉得自己陷入了困境并需要做出一些改变? 毕竟,他们确实说多样性是“生活的调味品”?

Or, perhaps your job has changed and you find yourself in need of a dramatic change in your rolodex of contacts.  This can be no laughing matter if your paycheck depends on expanding your business relationships
或者,也许你的工作已经发生了变化,你发现自己需要对你的联系人的rolodex进行戏剧性的改变。 如果您的薪水取决于扩展您的业务关系,这可不是笑话

What can you do?

If you need to expand your base of connections for any reason, consider the following:

  1. Why do you want need to change?
  2. Where do you find people to add to your list of connections?
  3. What resources should you have in place ahead of time?

Answering these questions is the first step toward expanding your horizons both personally or professionally. And, since you are still with us, it’s a good bet you have a serious interest in pursuing change in your life.
回答这些问题是迈向个人或专业拓展视野的第一步。 而且,既然你还在和我们在一起,那么你很有兴趣追求改变生活。

It’s great you are considering making this change. But, you really need to pursue your education about making new connections before you move forward.
你考虑做出这个改变真是太棒了。 但是,在你前进之前,你真的需要继续接受关于建立新联系的教育。

So, how do you do that? Where do you get that kind of knowledge? Glad you asked. You need our handbook called, “Connect With More People!”
那么,你是怎么做到的? 你从哪里获得那种知识? 很高兴你问。 您需要我们的手册“与更多人联系!”

This comprehensive guide will give you everything you need to know about pursuing new connections. Not only will it answer all your questions, it will answer ones you haven’t even thought of!
本综合指南将为您提供有关追求新联系所需的一切信息。 它不仅会回答你所有的问题,而且会回答你甚至没想过的问题!

and some of the best parts are . . .

  • It isn’t written by a self-proclaimed “guru.” It’s very easy to read.
  • It doesn’t require much time to find the answers you need.
  • Cost of the guide is minimal ?the price is ridiculous!
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Everything is there to help you understand what kind of commitment is required. A regular gal just like you and me is willing to share her knowledge and expertise about expanding your contacts and connections. Take a look at what you’ll uncover:
一切都可以帮助您了解需要什么样的承诺。 像你我这样的常规gal愿意分享她关于扩展你的联系和联系的知识和专业知识。 看看你会发现什么:

Learn about real body language.
Find out how to start a conversation with a stranger.
Discover how to really listen.
How to make the connection!