No Man is an Island – Networking Gets Results!

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In our modern agFlat 3e, that applies to women too.

It doesn’t matter who you are, at some point you are going to need someone other than you

rself to make your business successful.

 While there are more opportunities out there for success these days, there is more competition than ever!

Take a look around your sphere of influence and see who is absolutely kicking it in terms of success.

Is it someone you think may have born with that proverbial “silver spoon?”

Chances are it’s merely someone who knows how to network for the 21st century.

Just like that T.V. ad sez, “it’s old school baby!”

And, you’d best get yourself saddled up and ready to ride the “Networking Gets Results!” and start connecting to success!

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That phrase from the prose work by the English writer John Donne is every bit as true today as it was when the author penned it in 1624.  Forgive us for the slight change to include women.
If your business is not as successful as you would like, maybe it’s time for a checkup from the neck up. Do you incorporate networking into your daily efforts to promote your business?
We are talking about putting your foot to the pedal and REALLY reaching out to others.  Most folks will answer by telling us that they support their local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, etc. etc. ad nauseum.
Business owners frequently join local organizations with an eye toward who they can “meet and greet” to better promote their own agendas or merely as a social outlet