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If you want to do business with China,understand Chinese language is very essential. I would like to share with you this Chinese language learning course.
Why the Rocket Express Learning System®? If you want to learn to express yourself in Chinese, and do it at express pace, then the Rocket Express Learning System is just what you need. By combining three scientifically proven theories of learning, and taking advantage of advances in e-learning and technology, the team at Rocket Languages have a developed an effective way for you to speak and understand Chinese, and retain it forever.

如果您想与中国做生意,了解中文非常重要。 我想与您分享这个中文学习课程。 为什么选择Rocket Express学习系统®? 如果您想学习用汉语表达自己的意思,并以快速的节奏进行学习,那么Rocket Express学习系统就是您所需要的。 通过结合三种经过科学验证的学习理论,并利用电子学习和技术的进步,Rocket Languages的团队已开发出一种有效的方式来让您说和理解中文,并永久保留它。

The Rocket Express Learning System focuses directly on the three crucial ingredients for learning anything: The content The environment The learner. It begins with George A. Miller’s idea of ‘chunking’, breaking down big difficult content into small easy parts. The Rocket Express Learning System gives you short 30 minute audio lessons focused on key vocabulary and relevant modern conversations, and separates the language into manageable pieces, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Then the system ensures that you’re in the best place to learn.

Rocket Express学习系统直接关注于学习任何东西的三个关键要素:内容,环境,学习者。 它始于乔治·米勒(George A. Miller)的“分块”思想,将困难的大内容分解为容易的小部分。 Rocket Express学习系统为您提供了30分钟的简短音频课程,重点关注关键词汇和相关的现代对话,并将语言分为可管理的部分,因此您不会感到不知所措。 然后,系统将确保您处于最佳学习位置。

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Dr Stephen Krashen found that the best way to learn a language is in a low pressure environment with supportive native speakers who are prepared to give honest accurate feedback. The Rocket Express Learning System uses native hosts and fun conversations as well as clear explanations to make sure you understand exactly what’s going on. And the power of Rocket Record, Rocket Languages’ voice comparison technology, means you get accurate feedback every time. Finally, Rocket Languages recognizes that everyone learns a little differently.

Stephen Krashen博士发现,学习语言的最佳方法是在低压环境中,由愿意提供诚实准确反馈的母语支持者。 Rocket Express学习系统使用本地主机和有趣的对话以及清晰的说明,以确保您准确了解正在发生的事情。 Rocket Languages的语音比较技术Rocket Record的强大功能意味着您每次都能获得准确的反馈。 最后,Rocket Languages认识到每个人的学习方式都有所不同。

Neil Fleming discovered the VARK model, and found that there are four main ways that people learn: Visually – they see it Aurally – they hear it Reading/writing Kinesthetically – they do it To be effective any learning system must include all four. The Rocket Express Learning System does just that, giving you learning activities that can be accessed by different learners in different ways.

尼尔·弗莱明(Neil Fleming)发现了VARK模型,发现人们学习的主要方式有四种:视觉–听觉上看–听见动觉地读/写–他们做到了为了有效,任何学习系统都必须包括所有这四种。 Rocket Express学习系统正是这样做的,它为您提供了学习活动,这些学习活动可以由不同的学习者以不同的方式进行。

When you combine these three complementary theories with a team that is at the cutting edge of e-learning technology, you get a system that is guaranteed to have you speaking and understanding Chinese in no time at all.

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Will Rocket Chinese work for me?

当您将这三种互补的理论与一支处于电子学习技术前沿的团队相结合时,您将获得一个可以保证您立即拥有说和理解汉语的系统。 火箭中国人会为我工作吗?

We are confident that our course is the most comprehensive that you can get anywhere! No matter what your previous experience with Chinese is, or your learning style, you will be able to learn Chinese with the Rocket Express Learning System! And, of course there is the Rocket Languages 60 day money back guarantee; if you are unhappy for any reason with your Rocket Chinese course just send us an email and we will refund you promptly. No questions asked!

我们相信我们的课程是您所能到达的最全面的课程! 无论您以前的中文经验是什么,还是您的学习风格如何,您都可以使用Rocket Express学习系统学习中文! 而且,当然还有Rocket Languages 60天退款保证; 如果您对自己的Rocket中文课程感到不满意,请给我们发送电子邮件,我们会尽快退还您的费用。 无话可问!