Scrap Gold Business-make Huge Profits 废金业务 – 赚取巨额利润

How To Start A Scrap Gold Business. Cash In On The Hottest Trend In The Country, Scrap Gold & Gold Parties. How-to Manual Discloses Tactics & Strategies For A Scrap Gold Buying Business, Gold Parties And How To Build An Internet Scrap Gold Business.
如何启动废金业务。 现金流入全国最热门趋势,废金和黄金派对。 操作手册披露了报废黄金购买业务,黄金方以及如何建立互联网废金业务的策略和策略。


today – Scrap Gold Buying and Selling and Gold Parties.
The next Gold Rush is with Scrap Gold and Gold Parties! Buying and selling scrap gold, with or without using Gold Parties, is your path! Scrap Gold Businesses are New! Gold is exciting! Gold is fun! Gold is PROFITABLE! And you can turn your Gold business into automatic income!
Not only that, but you can easily build an ongoing revenue stream and help your friends, family and neighbors arrange gold buying events as well! And you receive a commission for all their effort!
Finally you can DUMP YOUR DEAD END JOB and have fun while building a real, long term business that provides income while you sleep!
今天 – 废金买卖,黄金派对。
下一个淘金热是废金和黄金派对! 无论是否使用黄金方,购买和销售废金都是您的选择! 废金业务是新的! 黄金很刺激! 黄金很有趣! 黄金是有利可图的! 您可以将您的黄金业务转变为自动收入!
不仅如此,您还可以轻松建立持续的收入来源,并帮助您的朋友,家人和邻居安排黄金购买活动! 你会收到他们所有努力的佣金!

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First, let’s talk about what a gold party USUALLY is! You know the drill, a friend invites you to a Gold Party. Of course you have no idea what a Gold Party is and you’re curious. Your friend tells you to simply gather all your unwanted scrap gold jewelry and bring it over to their house for some snacks, maybe a beer or some wine, and the certainty of leaving the little get together with CASH IN YOUR POCKET!
首先,我们来谈谈USUALLY的黄金派对! 你知道演习,朋友邀请你参加金牌派对。 当然你不知道黄金派对是什么,你很好奇。 你的朋友告诉你简单地收集你所有不需要的废金首饰并把它带到他们家里去买一些零食,也许是啤酒或一些酒,还有把小宝贝放在你的口袋中的确定性!

Yeah, that’s right! Rather than leaving your friend’s home with a stack of tupperware, a bunch of soap (Amway), or some useless candles (Partylight), you’ll trade your scrap, broken, mis-matched gold jewelry for cash.
So… you review your old gold jewelry and realize you have several pieces you really have no use for. A couple of old watches, half a set of earrings, a few rings, a necklace, and 2 gold chains. You think to yourself these can’t be worth much but what the heck. You haven’t seen your friend in quite a while. Why not take your scrap gold, have some fun, enjoy a beverage and leave with some cash?
是啊,没错! 而不是留下你的朋友家里的一堆特百惠,一堆肥皂(安利),或一些无用的蜡烛(Partylight),你将交易你的废料,破损,不匹配的黄金首饰现金。
所以…你回顾一下你的旧黄金首饰,并意识到你有几件你真的没用过的东西。 几款旧手表,半套耳环,几枚戒指,一条项链和两条金链。 你认为这些不值得多,但到底是什么。 你很久没见到你的朋友了。 为什么不拿你的废金,享受一些乐趣,享受饮料并留下一些现金?

You arrive at your friend’s and you’re surprised there are several other friends and a few family members already present. And they brought their scrap gold jewelry as well. Your host greets you, offers you a glass of wine and some chips and dip and advises you the gold buyer will be with you shortly.
你到达了你的朋友,你会惊讶地发现还有其他几个朋友和一些家庭成员。 他们还带来了废金首饰。 您的主人迎接您,为您提供一杯葡萄酒和一些薯条,并建议您黄金买家很快就会和您在一起。

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