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Salesmen are obnoxious and pushy!
Are you in sales? If you are that perception probably just drives you nuts, doesn’t it?
It’s a sad testimony to the hard work that most sales people go through to earn a living.
Ever wonder where the bad rep came from? We aren’t sure either, but we do know that it is a false perception.
And, if you are in sales you know it too. There is a better way and chances are you’d like to know more about it.
We also know that there is no such thing as a “born salesmen.” Although you may have met one or two who think they are!
Listen, if you aren’t as successful in your sales as you’d like to be, there is a better way.
Take a look and see just what everyone is talking about – “Selling More Without Pressure.”
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你在销售吗? 如果你是那种感觉可能只是让你疯了,不是吗?
有没有想过坏的代表来自哪里? 我们也不确定,但我们确实知道这是一种错误的看法。
而且,如果你在销售,你也知道。 有一种更好的方式,你有机会了解它的更多信息。
看看每个人都在谈论的内容 – “在没有压力的情况下销售更多产品”。


If You Think Sales Needs to be Pushy or Obnoxious, it’s Time to: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!

Dear Reader,

Have your ever heard the phrase, “he (or she) is a born salesman”?  If you are in thesales industry the odds are pretty good that you have heard it a time or two.
你有没有听过这句话,“他(或她)是天生的推销员”? 如果你在销售行业,你已经听过一两次的可能性很大。

The truth is, however, that there is NO such creature.  We all come in to this world with the same set of abilities.  The difference is how we mold and shape those abilities.
然而,事实是,没有这样的生物。 我们都以同样的能力来到这个世界。 不同之处在于我们如何塑造和塑造这些能力。

Successful sales people are not “born”, they are built!
There is a notion out there that sales people need to be aggressive or “pushy” in order to be good at what they do.  Well, nothing could be further from the truth.
Truly successful sales people understand that they are in a constant state of learning.  They also understand that real success isn’t in the money.  Huh? Caught you off guard there didn’t we?
Money is just a measurement of your progress.  True success is measured by how many people you can serve.
有一种观念认为,销售人员需要积极或“咄咄逼人”才能善于做他们所做的事情。 嗯,没有什么可以离真相更远了。
真正成功的销售人员明白他们处于不断学习的状态。 他们也明白,真正的成功不在于金钱。咦? 让你措手不及我们不是吗?
金钱只是衡量你进步的标准。 真正的成功取决于您可以服务的人数。

Ask yourself these three questions:
What if you could earn as much money as you want?
What if you were able to greet each day with enthusiasm?
What if there were a way to have your heart’s desire?
Well, you can and we’d like to show you just how simple it can be.
How Do You Create Success?
If you read self-help books, you know that there is a ton of information available.  And, it’s  great material.  It will help you. But, the problem is that much of it is general and not specific to successful selling.
What YOU need is information specific to selling successfully.  You need to know what to do and how to do it each and every day to insure your sales success.
如果您阅读自助书籍,您就知道有大量信息可供使用。 而且,这是很棒的材料。 它会对你有所帮助。 但是,问题在于其中大部分是一般的而不是成功销售的具体内容。
您需要的是成功销售的具体信息。 您需要知道每天要做什么以及如何做以确保您的销售成功。

SBook 1

Well, how do you get that specific information?  Glad you asked.  You need “Selling More Without Pressure” our helpful guide to true sales success.
and some of the best parts are . . .
It’s very easy to read and written by someone who has done it.
It contains instructions and tips that you can put to work immediately!
The cost is ridiculously low!
Take a look at what our author has uncovered for you:
Learn why simple is best.
Find out about your emotional appeal.
Discover the biggest mistake you can make.
Explore the three magic words to success and more!
那么,您如何获得具体信息? 很高兴你问。 您需要“无压力地销售”,这是我们真正的销售成功的有用指南。