The Business Plan Workbook 业务计划工作簿

It’s never too late to chart a new course.  Just like the captain of a vessel, or a gourmet chef, analyzing the chart or key ingredients can greatly improve the final outcome, you can also change the course of your business. . .with the right tools.
绘制新课程永远不会太晚。 就像船长或美食厨师一样,分析图表或关键成分可以大大改善最终结果,您也可以改变您的业务过程。。 用合适的工具。

Finally, there is a tool designed with such simplicity that anyone can prepare a cohesive business plan.  Just as the gourmet chef assembles the key ingredients to insure a successful dish to delight the palate, so can you follow the Bplan Chef!
最后,有一个设计简单的工具,任何人都可以准备一个有凝聚力的商业计划。 就像美食厨师组装关键成分以确保成功的菜肴满足口味一样,您也可以关注Bplan厨师!

Bplan 2

The Business Plan Workbook consists of 65 jam-packed pages that literally take you by the hand and lead you step by step through the process of creating a realistic roadmap of your business.
This well prepared workbook answers such questions as:
How to understand exactly what is a business plan
Why you need a business plan
Where to start
How to write an effective business plan
How to ultimately use a business plan to create or improve your venture