The Process of Breeding Koi Explained 养殖锦鲤的过程解释


Setting up a Koi farm can be quite an intimidating venture especially when you think of all the things you need to do to prepare the farm as well as the process of taking care of the Koi themselves. For some, it is the hard time that comes with finding a backyard in which they can install a pond. However, the good thing about this Koi farming is the fact that you start with on Koi and you just keep going and end up finding that you have a farm with lots and lots of Koi to take care of. it is only then that you realize that Koi farming is not as hard as it may seem in theory. All you need to do is be prepared to take care of the Koi as well as get someone to help you with the breeding and in a short while you will have Koi that you can present at your local Koi club competitions as well as Koi that you can sell to others as pets for their aquariums
建立一个锦鲤农场可能是一个非常令人生畏的冒险,特别是当你想到你需要做的所有事情来准备农场以及自己照顾锦鲤的过程。 对于一些人来说,现在很难找到一个可以安装池塘的后院。 然而,这个锦鲤养殖的好处在于你从锦鲤开始,你只是继续前进并最终发现你有一个农场有很多很多的锦鲤需要照顾。 只有到那时你才意识到锦鲤养殖并不像理论上那么难。 您需要做的就是准备好照顾锦鲤,并让别人帮助您进行繁殖,不久您将有Koi,您可以在当地锦鲤俱乐部比赛以及锦鲤参加 可以出售给他人作为他们的水族馆的宠物

However, in order for you to become successful in Koi farming, there are a few things that you may want to consider. This will go a long way in helping you become as successful as possible in your endeavor to become a Koi farm owner and make good returns in the process. Among the things you need to consider include:
但是,为了让您在锦鲤养殖中取得成功,您可能需要考虑一些事项。 这将有助于您尽可能成功地成为锦鲤农场主并在此过程中获得丰厚回报。 您需要考虑的事项包括:

Ecosystem Preparation: This is an important factor consider as the Koi need you to love the passionately for them to prosper. Being a Koi farmer entails acting like a farmer. Preparation of the ecosystem entails getting enough space for the pond and ensuring that the environment in which the pond is located is the best as there will not be any form of pollution and other harmful factors that the Koi may be exposed to
生态系统准备:这是一个重要因素,因为锦鲤需要你热爱他们才能繁荣昌盛。 作为一个锦鲤农民需要像农民一样行事。 生态系统的准备需要为池塘获得足够的空间,并确保池塘所处的环境是最好的,因为没有任何形式的污染和其他有害因素,锦鲤可能会接触到

Oxygen Levels in Water: Oxygen levels in the water need to be enough. The more the oxygen absorbed by the fish the health and more invigorated the fish will be. Use of underwater aerators can work well in the increase of oxygen levels in the water.
水中的氧含量:水中的氧含量需要足够。 鱼吸收的氧气越多,健康就越有活力。 使用水下曝气器可以很好地增加水中的氧含量。

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Monitoring of Water Content: Water content here refers to the alkalinity, hardness as well as availability of nutrients and acids within the water that are necessary for the fish or vice versa. Ensuring that the water is of the right pH as well as the hardness is just right will go a long way in ensuring the survival of the Koi. Extreme conditions will only lead to unwanted results i.e. dead Koi.
监测水含量:此处的含水量是指鱼的必需碱度,硬度以及水中营养素和酸的可用性,反之亦然。 确保水的pH值和硬度恰到好处将确保锦鲤的生存有很长的路要走。 极端条件只会导致不必要的结果,即死亡的锦鲤。

Breeding: You need to get the best breed. This is the kind of breed that can survive even the toughest conditions. In such instances you need to research well before you buy the Koi for your pond for you to know which breeds are the best. The best breeds can also survive diseases and end up giving you more Koi and in turn help you increase your returns.
育种:你需要获得最好的品种。 这种品种即使在最恶劣的条件下也能存活下来。 在这种情况下,您需要在为池塘购买锦鲤之前进行充分的研究,以便了解哪些品种是最好的。 最好的品种也可以在疾病中存活,最终为您提供更多的锦鲤,从而帮助您提高回报。