Web Biz for Beginners

Start Right to Make Money on the Net!

You’re ready to put your new business or a shop-front for your off-line business on to the Internet except;

  • You can’t learn a new language – and which one … HTML, php or …?!
  • You can’t afford to hire a web designer …or
  • You can’t be sure they can do what you need.
  • You haven’t got the time to take a course

Web Biz for Beginners is like having someone at your shoulder, guiding you as you put your business together the way you want, gently steering you round many of the traps and dead-ends on the electronic highway.

John Williams helps people develop their business web sites. He’s put the most important questions and problems that have been put to him (and the answers) in this ebook.

  • Everything is explained in simple steps
  • Many sections have screen-shots and
  • No prior knowledge is assumed.

This is not aimed at Dummies but regular people
that have limited experience of Internet business.

You learn how to protect your computer and your credit card, get your domain name and your web space, make your web pages, put them on your web site and make changes with minimum fuss and expense.

You don’t need a degree in Computer Science or much money to spend on expensive programs and services. John takes you where you can get free (and very low-cost;

  • programs to make your own web pages,
  • programs to put those pages and your pictures on your web site
  • programs to make your pictures look their best on your web site and
  • special free services to improve the look of your web pages

  – then he  patiently and clearly shows you how you can use them.

Your own web site can improve the bottom-line of your business even if you only sell to customers in the area where you live. John explains why and how to do it.

But the main focus of this guide is to help you make money by putting  your business in front of the huge and rapidly growing hungry crowd quickly, simply and at low cost.

BlogBiz For Beginners

The ebook has a lot of proven short-cuts and no “geek-talk”. Finally, here’s the start-up guide for real people to make real money real soon!
You will learn:
How to protect your computer and your credit card
How to choose your Domain name and why it is important
How to choose a host and set up your web site

How to find and use low-cost and free programs for your web business
How to find and use low cost services that others pay $$$’s for