Promote Your Small Business on the Internet 在互联网上推广您的小型企业

How To Turn Your Small Business Into A Marketing Machine

– Wish you could build your local business on the Internet?
Well, You Can!
Dear Reader,
How would you like to tap into the power of the Internet to promote your existing local business? If you answered ‘Yes!’ then read on.
– 希望您能在互联网上建立本地业务吗?
您希望如何利用互联网的力量来推广您现有的本地业务? 如果您回答“是!”,请继续阅读。

This Is The Perfect Time

No kidding.  If you aren’t already using the Internet to promote your business you need to start NOW!  Why?  Because you can bet that your competitors are already there or pretty close!
不开玩笑。 如果您尚未使用互联网推广您的业务,您需要立即开始! 为什么? 因为你可以打赌你的竞争对手已经存在或非常接近!

But, here’s the difference.  It’s a good bet that they have set up a website without any knowledge about how to market online. And you better believe there is a “science” to getting it right!
但是,这就是区别。 他们建立了一个网站,而不知道如何在线营销,这是一个不错的选择。 你最好相信有一个“科学”来做对了!

Just throwing up a website with a home made logo and a few skimpy lines of copy just isn’t going to cut it. All you have to do is visit a few websites as if you were a potential customer and you will see what we mean.
只是抛出一个带有自制徽标的网站和一些吝啬的复制品,这不会削减它。 您所要做的就是访问一些网站,就像您是潜在客户一样,您将看到我们的意思。

Things to consider:

  • 一个专业的网站将超过一个邋home的自制网站。 如果你知道如何通过使用互联网在当地市场给人留下深刻印象,几乎任何小企业都很容易。 仅仅因为你建造它并不意味着他们会来!A professional site will outsell a sloppy home made one, hands down.2. It’s easy for just about any small business to make a big impression in the local market by using the Internet, if you know how.3. Just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come!

It doesn’t matter whether you already have a website. Nor does it matter whether you are an accomplished marketer. Anyone with the desire to use the power of the Internet can become a savvy online marketer.
你是否已经拥有一个网站并不重要。 您是否是一位成功的营销人员也不重要。 任何想要利用互联网的力量的人都可以成为一个精明的在线营销人员。

Promoting your small business online can be as simple or as difficult as you choose to make it.  None of this applies to you and your business, however.
在线推广您的小型企业可能与您选择的一样简单或困难。 但是,这些都不适用于您和您的业务。

Again, why?  Because you have the opportunity to access a terrific tool. What is it?  It’s called “Promote Your Small Business on the Internet.”
再次,为什么? 因为您有机会访问一个了不起的工具。 它是什么? 它被称为“在互联网上推广您的小企业”。

Book 1 1

It’s Easy to Get Started

You don’t need any special education – You do it yourself with this new guide.
您不需要任何特殊教育 – 您可以使用此新指南自行完成。

It doesn’t require much time to get started – You can start preparing as soon as you’ve read the guide.
它不需要太多时间就可以开始 – 您可以在阅读指南后立即开始准备。

Cost is minimal – Once you’ve discovered what you need to get started you’ll find it’s not expensive.
成本很低 – 一旦你发现了开始所需的东西,你会发现它并不昂贵。

Again, it doesn’t take a lot of expertise – Read the guide and you’ll have all the knowledge you need to get started.
同样,它不需要很多专业知识 – 阅读指南,您将拥有入门所需的所有知识。

We let you in on all of the secrets and more inside “Promote Your Small Business on the Internet” and here is a peek inside:

Discover how to use search engines like Google to promote your business.

Learn all about keywords and why they are vitally important to your success.

Uncover the systems to check the results of your efforts.

Find out why it might be important for you to have a blog.

And this is just the beginning. We also teach you about preparing a press release, choosing a target and much more.
No Risk, 100% money Back Guarantee!
We truly hope you see the potential here, and realize how important this offer is! You can learn all of this virtually Risk Free!
而这仅仅是个开始。 我们还教您如何准备新闻稿,选择目标等等。
我们真的希望您看到这里的潜力,并意识到这个优惠的重要性! 您可以无风险地学习所有这些!

We want “Promote Your Small Business on the Internet” to be an absolute 100% no-brainer for you. That’s why you can order your copy with complete peace of mind.
我们希望“在互联网上推广您的小企业”绝对100%为您服务。 这就是为什么您可以完全放心地订购您的副本。

If you don’t believe that “Promote Your Small Business on the Internet” has improved your knowledge just let us know and we will refund your purchase price no questions asked.
我们希望“在互联网上推广您的小企业”成为一个如果您不相信“在互联网上推广您的小企业”已经提高了您的知识,请告诉我们,我们将退还您的购买价格,不要问任何问题。绝对 100%为您服务。 这就是为什么您可以完全放心地订购您的副本。

It’s really easy to get started. You just need to click the link below and you will have your copy in just minutes. Once you have your own copy of “Promote Your Small Business on the Internet” you are armed and ready to start promoting your small business
开始真的很容易。 您只需点击下面的链接即可在几分钟内获得您的副本。 一旦您拥有自己的“在互联网上推广您的小型企业”的副本,您就会武装起来并准备开始推广您的小型企业