Steps to Easy Blog Success 轻松博客成功的步骤

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Dear Reader,

Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere for the last few years, the chances are pretty good that you’ve heard about blogging.  Whether what you heard is good, bad or just plain ugly remains to be seen.
亲爱的读者:除非你在过去的几年里一直躲在某个地方的岩石下,否则你听说过博客的机会相当不错。 你所听到的是好的,坏的还是简单的丑陋还有待观察。

These days many online entrepreneurs use blogs almost exclusively to get their message out to the public.  There are many reasons for doing so but its been pretty much established as a sales tool.
如今,许多在线企业家几乎专门使用博客来向公众传播他们的信息。 这样做有很多原因,但它几乎已成为销售工具。

The reasons for this are many and varied.  All too often we are led to believe that blogs are only used for online marketing and sales.  That’s probably the absolute further from the truth as one could possibly be.
造成这种情况的原因多种多样。 我们经常被认为博客只用于在线营销和销售。 这可能是人们可能存在的绝对事实。

In fact, according to our author, blogs have special programs which make it easy to share information. get responses from visitors to the site and encourage them to come back when there is new information.
事实上,根据我们的作者,博客有特殊的程序,可以很容易地分享信息。 获取访问者对网站的回复,并鼓励他们在有新信息时回来。

Not just for sales.

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Don’t misunderstand, blogs are definitely a great advantage when using them for sales.  It’s just that many people are missing out by not understanding the tremendous versatility at their fingertips.
不要误解,博客在使用它们进行销售时绝对是一个很大的优势。 只是很多人因为不了解触手可及的巨大多功能性而错失良机。

Are you ready to explore the vast amount of information and different ways to build and use blogs?  Well, you’re in the right place and at the right time.  Introducing . . . “Easy Steps to Blog Success.”  
您是否已准备好探索大量信息以及构建和使用博客的不同方法? 嗯,你在正确的时间和地点。 介绍。。。 “博客成功的简单步骤。”

What you can learn from this guide.  

You can share your ideas and opinions, publicize your services or products, promote a cause you favor or promote other people’s products to get a commission for yourself.

And, sure, we’re still going to teach you how to build a blog for sales.  We just want to ensure your knowledge broadens your horizons and possibilities.
当然,我们仍然会教你如何建立销售博客。 我们只是想确保您的知识拓宽您的视野和可能性。