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Another thing that can really change your brain chemistry is the positive statements. Read several positive statements about wealth creation and becoming a billionaire. They will really change your thinking and you will actually start saving money. The great philosophers said that no matter how small an amount of money is, the power of saving releases an amazing sense of control and empowerment over your life. With time, your sense of worth will increase and you will soon value yourself more. Once you have a new sense of worth, you will attract people who will reflect and reinforce your new worth and values.
能够真正改变大脑化学的另一件事是积极的陈述。 阅读关于财富创造和成为亿万富翁的几个积极陈述。 他们真的会改变你的想法,你真的会开始存钱。 伟大的哲学家们说,无论金额多么小,拯救的力量都会给你的生活带来惊人的控制感和赋权感。 随着时间的推移,你的价值感会增加,你很快就会更加重视自己。 一旦你有了新的价值感,你就会吸引那些能够反思并强化你的新价值和价值观的人。

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With a positive mindset about money, you will start to appreciate the little you have and start thinking of ways to make it big. Positive thinking broadens your way of seeing things and you will be able to think beyond the box. This will allow your creative juices to flow and reinstate your life. Sometimes the greatest asset is you but the greatest change to allow you invest the asset is psychological change.
凭借对金钱的积极心态,你将开始欣赏你所拥有的一切,并开始考虑如何做到这一点。 积极的思考拓宽了你看待事物的方式,你将能够超越盒子思考。 这将使您的创意果汁流动并恢复您的生活。 有时最大的资产就是你,但允许你投资资产的最大变化是心理变化。

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