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Productivity = Less Stress and More Success


Dear Reader,
Are you having a good day?  Hope so.  Unlike you, some folks are not having such a good day.
Take Ben, for instance.  Ben is a good guy.  A family man.  Has a wife, the requisite number of kids and owns a house in the suburbs.  He makes the commute to his office every morning and repeats the trip in reverse in the evening.
Ben’s trip home this evening has him literally shaking.  Just before leaving work he was called into the boss’s office.  His boss is an okay guy too.  But, he also has a “boss” to report to.  It seems that Ben’s productivity has come under question.
While his boss was understanding and offered any help Ben needed, the unspoken message was clear.  In old time vernacular it means “shape up or ship out.”  And, jobs as good as Ben’s are hard to come by these days.
Ben is visibly shaken.  Thank goodness it’s Friday and he’ll have a weekend to figure out what to do.  Right now he’s wracking his brain trying to ferret out the problem.

你今天过得怎么样? 希望如此。 与你不同,有些人没有这么好的一天。
以Ben为例。 本是个好人。 一个家庭男人。 有一个妻子,必要的孩子数量,并在郊区拥有一所房子。 他每天早上都到办公室上班,晚上又反过来重复旅行。
今晚Ben的回家让他感到震惊。 就在离开工作岗位之前,他被叫到了老板的办公室。 他的老板也是一个好人。 但是,他还有一个“老板”要报告。 Ben的生产力似乎受到质疑。
虽然他的老板理解并提供了Ben所需的任何帮助,但未说出口的信息很清楚。 用旧时的方言来说,它意味着“塑造或出货。”而且,像Ben这样的工作很难找到。
Ben明显动摇了。 谢天谢地,这是星期五,他将有一个周末去弄清楚要做什么。 现在,他正试图揪出他的大脑试图解决这个问题。


Yes, he knew he was not as productive as he used to be.  He still worked hard but it seems like the harder he tries the further behind he falls. He’s trying to rationalize why his numbers are down.  He goes over a typical day in his mind.
His office area has turned into a quagmire making it difficult to find anything.  He tries to avoid “chatting” around the water cooler, but he didn’t want to be rude.  Didn’t he just  help out his friend and co-worker Jim with a project he needed help with? How could he turn him down? The more he thinks, the longer the list.
是的,他知道他没有像以前那样富有成效。 他仍然努力工作,但他似乎越努力,他就越堕落。 他正试图弄清楚为什么他的数字会下降。 他在脑海中度过了一个典型的日子。
他的办公区域变成了一个泥潭,很难找到任何东西。 他试图避免在水冷却器周围“聊天”,但他不想变得粗鲁。 难道他不只是帮助他的朋友和同事吉姆做了一个他需要帮助的项目吗? 他怎么会拒绝他? 他的想法越多,名单就越长。

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Okay, that’s enough about Ben.  It’s pretty obvious he has a serious problem and needs to get his act together asap or face the consequences.  The sad thing is that most of us have a little bit of Ben in us.  Whether at work, at home or anywhere in between we all could use a boost to productivity.
Fortunately for you, there is a solution and you are just minutes away from it.  But first:
what if you could . . .
Learn how to say no.
Discover a plan to fix your environment.
Power up your communication.
Unearth the secrets to dealing with fear.
Find out how to project your future.
Create a system for improvement.
Okay, sounds impossible to do all that doesn’t it?  Well it isn’t and we’ll prove it with our guide “Boost Your Productivity Today!”

好的,这对Ben来说已经足够了。 很明显,他有一个严重的问题,需要尽快采取行动或面对后果。 可悲的是,我们大多数人都有一点Ben在我们身上。 无论是在工作中,在家中还是在任何地方,我们都可以提高生产力。
幸运的是,有一个解决方案,距离它只有几分钟的路程。 但首先:
好吧,听起来不可能做到这一切不是吗? 嗯,它不是,我们将用我们的指南“今天提高您的生产力!”来证明这一点。