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Dear Reader,

Do you know what your “brand” is?  No?  You do have one, you know.  Everyone does.  It’s not something that comes up in normal conversation but it’s there nonetheless.
你知道你的“品牌”是什么吗Flat 1? 没有? 你知道,你确实有一个。 每个人都这样做。 这不是正常谈话中出现的东西,但它仍然存在。

Think about it for a minute. Have you ever had a conversation where you were trying to recall a specific person?  You can’t for

 the life of you remember their name but have no problem describing the person.

想一想。 你曾经试图回忆一个特定的人吗? 你不能为你的生活记住他们的名字,但没有问题描述这个人。

You might say that she was tall, dark-haired, attractive and talked incessantly.  Your friend immediately knows who you are talking abo

ut.  The third party has distinguished herself, albeit not positively, as a chatterbox.

你可能会说她很高,黑头发,有吸引力,不停地说话。 你的朋友立即知道你在说谁。 第三方将自己(尽管不是积极的)作为一个聊天室而出类拔萃。

That’s a pretty simplistic description of branding.  People may never remember her name but they will remember her “brand.”  I’ll bet you can think of many more instances of “branding.”
这是一个非常简单的品牌描述。 人们可能永远不会记住她的名字,但他们会记住她的“品牌”。我敢打赌,你可以想到更多的“品牌”实例。

In business, branding is critical.  The goal of every successful business should be brand recognition.
在商业中,品牌塑造至关重要。 每个成功企业的目标都应该是品牌认知。

What comes to mind when you see or think about golden arches?
That’s pretty obvious.  You can’t go anywhere in the world anymore and not find a  McDonalds.
这很明显。 你再也不能去世界任何地方,也找不到麦当劳。

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How about a little “green gecko” with a British accent?  Or one of their competitors who tells you that you are in “good hands?”
带有英国口音的小“绿色壁虎”怎么样? 或者他们的竞争对手之一告诉你,你处在“好人手中”?

The point is when you are in business building brand recognition is a very important part of your promotional efforts. Learning how to capture that brand recognition can make the difference between failure and success.
关键是当你在商业建筑中时,品牌认知度是你促销活动中非常重要的一部分。 学习如何捕捉品牌认知度可以在失败和成功之间产生差异。

So, let’s go back to the original question and expand on it a bit.  What is your business brand?  If you don’t know then that’s your first step.  Not sure?  Don’t know where to begin?
那么,让我们回到最初的问题并稍微扩展一下。 你的商业品牌是什么? 如果你不知道那是你的第一步。 不确定? 不知道从哪里开始?

Ask yourself these three questions:

How do I determine what business brand I wear?
How do I change my brand?
How do I spread my brand on the Internet?

Is your head spinning yet? Well, slow down.  There is a way to get all your questions answered and you won’t have to go back to school to get them or hire an expensive consultant.
You will find answers to all your questions in our guide called “Brand Yourself Successful!”
你的头在旋转吗? 好吧,慢下来。 有办法让你的所有问题得到解答,你不必回到学校去接他们或聘请一位昂贵的顾问。