Business 101 for Noobs Guidebook for start-ups 初创企业Noobs指南的商业101

 Have you already started your business but things are not going according to plan?

 Are you sick and tired of the corporate bulls*** that you just decided to start your own legacy and only answer to yourself?

Have you always wanted to start your own business but don’t exactly know where to begin?

 If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then this is for you

While you may have read all the business self-help books in the market, signed up for the most popular workshops in town andHeader 15b5404d9fae1b6431a2c486a1ed963a attended the most expensive business schools, it doesn’t guarantee success. It can be very frustrating not seeing much results after investing so much time and money into it. At the end of the day, you come out even more confused than before, clouded with so much noise and so many schools of thought.

虽然你可能已经阅读了市场上所有商业自助书籍,报名参加了镇上最受欢迎的工作坊并参加了最昂贵的商学院,但并不能保证成功。 在投入大量时间和金钱之后,没有看到太多结果可能会非常令人沮丧。 在一天结束的时候,你比以前更加困惑,被如此多的噪音和如此众多的思想所笼罩。

In times like these when you feel so helpless and at the brink of giving up, just remember one thing – you are not alone
在这种情况下,当你感到如此无助而且处于放弃的边缘时,请记住一件事 – 你并不孤单

There are so many business owners like yourself who has sacrificed a lot of time, money and effort into building up their legacies, only to fall back down, over and over again. While there are some whom are fortunate enough to have mentors to guide them through unnecessary pitfalls and common mistakes, the majority of us are all alone in this battle.
有很多像你这样的企业主为了建立他们的遗产而牺牲了大量的时间,金钱和精力,只是一次又一次地倒退。 虽然有些人有幸有导师指导他们度过不必要的陷阱和常见的错误,但我们大多数人都在这场战斗中独自一人。

Introducing Business 101 for Noobs – a business e-guidebook designed with you in mind
为Noobs推出Business 101 – 一款专为您设计的商业电子指南

Business 101 for Noobs is a step-by-step e-guidebook to help entrepreneurs build their business from the ground up.
Noobs的Business 101是一个循序渐进的电子指南,旨在帮助企业家从头开始建立自己的业务。

Together with our team of business owners, we’ll share with you our tips and experiences in problem solving to prepare you for the journey ahead.

We will walk you through the process of conceptualising your business idea topic by topic to help you make it a reality. This is especially useful for business newbies (aka noobs) who have little or no experience.
我们将引导您按主题概念化您的商业创意主题,以帮助您实现这一目标。 这对于经验很少或根本没有经验的商业新手(也就是新手)特别有用。

Hands-on topical exercises

All our chapters are carefully crafted and easy to follow. We’ve included step-by-step exercises so that you’ll get a good grasp of the basic fundamentals. As we go deeper into the topics, we’ll be highlighting certain pointers and scenarios to help train you in developing your thinking process as a businessman or business woman.
我们所有章节都经过精心设计,易于理解。 我们已经包含了逐步练习,以便您掌握基本的基础知识。 随着我们深入讨论这些主题,我们将突出某些指针和场景,以帮助培养您作为商人或商业女性发展思维过程。

Valuable tips and real life experiences from actual business owners

From start to finish, our e-guidebook is jam-packed with tips, advice and experience from our business warriors. We’ve kept our topics tight and straight-to-the-point to cover every relevant aspect of starting a business. Nothing beats real life experience and learning the lessons of other veteran business owners.
从开始到结束,我们的电子指南都充满了我们商业战士的提示,建议和经验。 我们保持我们的主题紧密而直接,以涵盖创业的每个相关方面。 没有什么能比现实生活经验和其他资深企业主的经验教训更好。

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Waste no time in building your business empire by downloading our e-guidebook today. Go ahead and apply your newfound skills for a full 60 days and see your business take shape. If you’re not exactly thrilled by it, just let us know and we’ll refund your money back, no questions asked.
立即下载我们的电子指南,浪费时间建立您的商业帝国。 继续并将您的新发现技能应用整整60天,并确保您的业务成型。 如果您对此并不感到兴奋,请告诉我们,我们会退还您的退款,不会有任何问题。