Cash $tretching 101 现金$ tretching 101

Have you ever wished you could have your very own money tree?  Or your own printing press that would spit out dollars in any denomination on demand?  Maybe you have wished you could just make that paycheck go a little further?
Well, wish no more.  You’ve found the answer right here.  This may not be a “get rich quick” proposition but it is guaranteed to help you streeeeeeetch the dollars you earn to get maximum benefit.
你有没有希望自己拥有自己的金钱树? 或者你自己的印刷机会根据需要吐出任何面额的美元? 也许你曾希望你可以让薪水更进一步?
好吧,不要再希望了。 你在这里找到了答案。 这可能不是一个“快速致富”的主张,但它可以保证帮助您获得所赚取的美元以获得最大利益。

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We all use some type of cash saving tips on occasion.  But, have you ever actually sat down and tracked exactly where your money is going?  It’s a good bet that you haven’t.  Ever wonder why that is?  Probably because you know it’s going to be painful!
Soul-searching isn’t a particularly fun activity but sometimes it’s a necessary one.  There is absolutely no way you can read  “Cash Stretching 101” and not come away with cash stretching ideas that you didn’t have before!
In fact, we are so sure you’ll find new ways to stretch your dollars we guarantee it!
Learn how to get ready to stretch.  Yep, that’s right.  There’s stuff you’ve just gotta’ do to get prepared.  Hey, it took a long time to create poor spending habits.  If you are really serious about stretching your dollars you’ve got to put yourself in the right place to begin.
It’s a good bet that you may have clipped a coupon or two in your lifetime.  But, stretching your cash in the food department isn’t just about coupons.  Nope, there’s a whole lot more to it.  In fact, there’s tips and ideas that you’ve never even heard of let alone put to good use.

灵魂搜索不是一个特别有趣的活动,但有时它是必要的。你绝对没有办法阅读“Cash Stretching 101”而且没有现金延伸你以前没有的想法!

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Learn new and different approaches to everything including:
How to pay yourself first – this doesn’t always mean just saving cash for a rainy day.  Discover other ways to pay yourself
Household budget helpers – you may be surprised when some of these tips are revealed
Clean up for cash – some of these ideas are priceless
Automobile expenses –  considering that your car is the single most expensive thing to own and operate (besides your mortgage) you are sure to find this info revealing
Pets and your budget – feeling good about Fido
Those are just a few topics covered.  There is a ton of information between the digital covers of “Cash Stretching 101” and you owe it to yourself and your family to check it out.  Get the real skinny on bargain hunting.  Discover how to shop for savings.
Look, we can’t promise you’ll become a Donald Trump or even a Bill Gates, but we can promise you an incredibly helpful tool.  How do you think “The Donald” got where he is today?  He sure didn’t do it without streeeeeeetching his dollars.  Now you can do it too!

如何先付钱给自己 – 这并不总是意味着在未雨绸缪的情况下节省现金。了解其他付费方式
家庭预算助手 – 当揭示其中一些提示时,您可能会感到惊讶
清理现金 – 其中一些想法是无价的
汽车费用 – 考虑到您的汽车是拥有和运营的最昂贵的东西(除了您的抵押贷款),您一定会发现此信息显示
宠物和您的预算 – 对Fido感觉良好
这些只是涵盖的几个主题。 “Cash Stretching 101”的数字封面之间有大量信息,您应该自己和家人检查一下。在逢低买入时获得真正的瘦身。了解如何购物节省。

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