Easy Guide to Powerful Presentations 强大的演示文稿的简易指南

How to Give Powerful Presentations Each and Every Time!

Dear Reader,

Have your ever heard the phrase, “silver-tongued devil”? This phrase is often spoken when hearing about someone who appears to be a natural at public speaking. This is especially true if you are closely associated to the sales industry.
你有没有听过这句话,“银舌魔鬼”? 当听到在公开演讲中看起来很自然的人时,通常会说这句话。 如果您与销售行业密切相关,则尤其如此。

Honestly, there is NO such creature. We all have the same opportunities as well aschallenges.  What we DO with those opportunities and how we OVERCOME those challenges is what’s important.
老实说,没有这样的生物。 我们都有同样的机会和挑战。 我们如何应对这些机遇,以及我们如何克服这些挑战,这一点非常重要。

We are all born with pretty much the same set of assets. The difference betweensuccess or failure  is what we do with those assets..
我们天生就拥有几乎相同的资产。 成功或失败的区别在于我们对这些资产的处理方式。

Successful presentations aren’t limited to sales people!
Not hardly.  Almost everyone has an occasion where we must give some type ofpresentation.  Maybe it’s a quarterly report to a board of directors or perhaps you need to present a budget to a group of people.
不难。 几乎每个人都有机会在某种程度上提供某种形式的陈述。 也许这是向董事会提交的季度报告,或者您可能需要向一组人提交预算。

Have you ever been called upon to present a plan of action for a PTA or a social group you are associated with?  If you have never had to make a presentation, it’s a good bet that your turn is coming and it’s great to be prepared.
您是否曾被要求为您所关联的PTA或社交团体提出行动计划? 如果你从来没有做过演示,那么轮到你了,这是一个很好的选择,做好准备是件好事。

 Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What if you could learn from the best?
  2. What if you were able to overcome stage fright?
  3. What if there were a way to connect with an audience?


Well, you can accomplish each of those goals and we’d like to show you just how simple it can be.

How do you create a success presentation?

Self-help books contain a bunch of great information and you can get much helpfulinformation. Just remember that it is usually general information and geared towardsales.  That’s good, but what if you aren’t a sales person and just need help with presenting a budget or a proposal for a new snack bar at the Little League Field?
自助书包含一堆很棒的信息,你可以获得很多有用的信息。 请记住,它通常是一般信息,并且适应朝向。 这很好,但是如果你不是一个销售人员,只需要帮助在Little League Field为新的小吃店提出预算或建议?

 Again, what YOU need is information specific to having a powerful presentation in any venue!  So how do you get that specific information? Glad you asked. You need our “Easy Guide to Powerful Presentations.” 
同样,您需要的是在任何场所进行强大演示的特定信息! 那么你如何获得这些具体信息呢? 很高兴你问。 你需要我们的“强大的演示指南”。

and some of the best parts are . . .

  • It抯 a simple read from a fellow who has done it.
  • It contains instructions that you can put to work immediately!
  • The cost is ridiculously low!

Take a look at what our author has uncovered for you:

Learn why you must connect to the audience.
Find out why being a better listener is crucial.
Discover the importance of body language.
Understand why technology won’t save a presentation.
Explore the value of feedback!

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