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This eBook has been created in PDF format. This means the eBook can be viewed in and/ or printed by most Operating Systems used on either PC or MAC.
本电子书以PDF格式创建。 这意味着电子书可以在PC或MAC上使用的大多数操作系统中查看和/或打印。

That’s right.  From the best selling author Tom Hua, this is THE BOOK that is set to have the InternetRockin’ and Rollin’!! eBook POWER is the pot o’ gold written by none other than the Master of info product sales, Tom Hua… not just another rehash by some “wannabe”.
那就对了。 来自畅销书作家Tom Hua,这本书就是拥有InternetRockin’和Rollin’! 电子书POWER是由信息产品销售大师Tom Hua编写的金币,而不仅仅是一些“想要”的另一种改编。

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Here it is, folks … Tom spills his guts in vivid detail, and gives you all (well, almost all) of his insider secrets about how to build an info product empire just like his.


This book is written based on Tom’s Very Own Personal Experience. 

Just imagine what You could do if you had the Key that opened the treasure trove of a true Internet Marketing Visionary.  Well, here’s your chance.
想象一下,如果你有钥匙打开真正的互联网营销梦想家的宝库,你可以做什么。 好吧,这是你的机会。

eBook POWER discusses various methods of driving traffic to your site as well as providing an analysis of just what is required to accomplish the task.  And that’s just for starters.
eBook POWER讨论了为您的站点增加流量的各种方法,并分析了完成任务所需的内容。 而这仅仅是为了初学者。


Tom describes exactly what he did step-by-step to build his $200,000 epublishing business and reveals how You Too can build your own eBook POWER Future!   In his words, “surf the net and you’ll find the seeds of change spreading across it at the speed of a bush fire.”
Tom详细描述了他为了建立他的20万美元的发布业务而逐步完成的工作,并揭示了你如何建立自己的电子书未来! 用他的话来说,“在网上冲浪,你会发现变化的种子以丛林火灾的速度蔓延到它上面。”

You’ll learn about ebooks from the guy who has done it:

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Why eBooks are so powerful How to find them How to create them How to sell them How to create income with them after you’ve sold them Five unique methods to bring your eBook to market place Ten  simple steps to creating you own  In-depth review of various eBook compilers How to turn your eBook into a viral marketing machine How to fire up your eBook money machine with almost no advertising. 
为什么电子书如此强大如何找到它们如何创建它们如何销售它们如何在销售它们之后用它们创造收入五种独特的方法将您的电子书推向市场十个简单的步骤来创建您自己的深入审查 各种电子书编译器如何将您的电子书转变为病毒式营销机器如何在几乎没有广告的情况下启动您的电子书赚钱机器。

It doesn’t matter where you live, or what time it is. The Internet is open 24/7 and there are people out there searching for information.   The Internet NEVER closes and neither should YOU.  Get youreBook POWER today!   Finally! The One You’ve Been Waiting For!
无论你住在哪里,或者现在是什么时间都没关系。 互联网全天候开放,有人在那里搜索信息。 互联网永远不会关闭,你也不应该关闭。 立即获取电力! 最后! 你一直在等待的!

Information in electronic form is being given away free, bought and downloaded at astonishingrates and there’s no sign of the demand abating.  It’s only going to increase.   People are constantly searching for information.
电子形式的信息正在以惊人的方式免费赠送,购买和下载,并且没有减少需求的迹象。 它只会增加。 人们不断寻找信息。