Hidden Business Ideas Letter 隐藏的经营理念信


Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

As an entrepreneur – or as someone who is on your way to becoming one – I want congratulate you! Why?
– Because it means you’re an an independent thinker.
– You’re a person who stands on your own two feet.
– You’re someone whoHow To Do A Market Study For Your New Business Idea’s a “mover and shaker” in society.
The world depends on people like you – to make things happen, to create new products and services and make them easily available, and even to put everything in motion to create new jobs.
Yes – the world needs more people like you! It’s people like you who create wealth and innovation for everyone!
Of course, entrepreneurship is personally very rewarding too. Whether it is regarding your lifestyle, or regarding your income.
What you will find out here will help you to create and accelerate your success!

作为一个企业家 – 或者正在成为一个成为一体的人 – 我要祝贺你! 为什么?
– 因为这意味着你是一个独立的思想家。
– 你是一个独自站立的人。
– 你是一个在社会中成为“推动者和摇床”的人。
世界依赖于像你这样的人 – 让事情发生,创造新的产品和服务,使其易于获得,甚至将一切都投入到创造新的工作中。
是的 – 世界需要更多像你一样的人! 像你这样的人为每个人创造财富和创新!
当然,创业也是非常有益的。 无论是关于您的生活方式,还是关于您的收入。
您将在这里找到的内容将帮助您创造并加速您的成功!TIdeahere seem to be a million-and-one ways that people make money. It’s amazing to read all the opportunities that are before you!
When you see all the different ways that you could make money – it’s hard not to be motivated to get some of that money for yourself.
That’s what you get with the Hidden Business Letter. Twice a month, you read about NEW business ideas that REAL PEOPLE are doing. Real things you can do yourself!

似乎有一百万种方式可以让人们赚钱。 阅读摆在你面前的所有机会真是太棒了!
当你看到所有不同的赚钱方式时 – 很难不被激励为自己获得一些钱。
这就是你通过隐藏的商业创意信得到的。 每月两次,你会读到REAL PEOPLE正在做的新商业创意。 你可以做的真实事情!

– If you have a business already, and you want to make more profits…
– Or if you don’t have a business yet, and you are considering starting one…
– Or if you are employed in a job, but you’d like more financial security…
Then you’ll want the Hidden Business Ideas Letter!
The amazing thing is that all these business ideas are PROVEN, LOW-COST to start, and really DOABLE (they don’t require a high level of skills or a multi-year degree to get going). Anyone could do it!
I could blab on and on but the best way to find out is to just check it out for yourself!

– 如果你已经开展业务,并希望获得更多利润……
– 或者如果你还没有生意,你正在考虑开始一个……
– 或者如果你受雇于工作,但你想要更多的经济保障……
令人惊奇的是,所有这些商业创意都是经过验证的,低成本的,并且真正有效(他们不需要高水平的技能或多年的学位才能开始)。 任何人都可以做到!