How to be Successful in Your Arts & Crafts Business EBook 如何在您的工艺品商业电子书中取得成功

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I certainly have made many mistakes along the way, in my craft business. More often or not, have done things the hard way. I have learned a lot and am still learning. The school of hard knocks they call it. Well with this Craft Business Ebook I am trying to help crafts-people avoid some of the hard knocks.

在我的手艺业务中,我当然犯了很多错误。 更多或更不的是,已经做了很多事情。 我学到了很多东西,还在学习。 他们称之为艰难的学校。 有了这个工艺商业电子书,我正在努力帮助工艺品 – 人们避免一些困难。

Over the years many people helped me out as I was starting my crafts business. Whether it was helping to keep my craft booth from blowing away in the middle of the night, or giving me advice on the best way to display items. All was greatly appreciated and this book is a way for me to give a little back to the craft community.
多年来,当我开始制作手工艺品时,很多人帮助了我。 是否有助于保持我的工艺展位在半夜不被吹走,或者给我提供关于展示物品的最佳方式的建议。 所有人都非常感谢,这本书是我回馈工艺社区的一种方式。

Our crafts are hard enough by themselves. Let alone all the background stuff that goes into a business. My suggestions in the book take into account over 20 years of experience. Many things that I originally opted for doing myself, but later found it was actually more economical to pay people to do.
我们的工艺本身就很难。 更不用说进入企业的所有背景资料了。 我在书中的建议考虑了20多年的经验。 我最初选择做自己做的很多事情,但后来发现付钱让人去做更为经济。

Crafters and artisans typically try to do everything themselves, after all we are handy people. Our crafts business dictate that we have many skills to make our final products. So it seems only logical that we do everything with our business as well. The truth is that there are many people that have the skills to help us for very little cost.
工匠和工匠通常会尝试自己做所有事情,毕竟我们是方便的人。 我们的工艺品业务决定了我们有很多技能来制作我们的最终产品。 因此,我们对业务也做了一切似乎也是合乎逻辑的。 事实是,有很多人有能力以极低的成本帮助我们。

The topics in the Ebook are not specific to one type of craft but deal with common topics universal to all crafts.

Craft Cover 200x300

Lets take a brief look at each one of the chapters in the Ebook

This gives a brief overview of who I am and the struggles with my craft (blacksmithing) which is not a high demand craft so has to be marketed carefully and ingeniously. I also introduce the concepts covered in the ebook.
这简要概述了我是谁以及与我的工艺(锻造)的斗争,这不是一个高要求的工艺,因此必须谨慎和巧妙地进行营销。 我还介绍了电子书中涵盖的概念。

Retail is the back bone of the craft industry. I discuss operating your own retail store, gallery, studio, indoor and outdoor craft shows. I explain how to qualify your customer, and how this can save you time and dollars. Especially at a craft show.
零售业是手工业的支柱。 我讨论了经营自己的零售店,画廊,工作室,室内和室外工艺品展。 我解释了如何使您的客户合格,以及如何节省您的时间和金钱。 特别是在手工艺展上。

Wholesale is a viable alternative to retail and has much fewer hassles associated with it. You do sacrifice  some money to have the reduced problems. I discuss finding and setting up for wholesale trade shows. (This is a very different beast than a retail craft show.)
批发是零售业的可行替代方案,与之相关的麻烦要少得多。 你确实牺牲了一些钱以减少问题。 我讨论寻找和设置批发贸易展。 (这是一个与零售工艺展非常不同的野兽。)

In this chapter I also discuss consignment which is another type of wholesale. How to avoid losing your merchandise if your consignment store happens to go out of business.
在本章中,我还讨论了另一种批发类型的寄售。 如果您的寄售商店破产,如何避免丢失您的商品。

Custom Work
Cutom work is working one on one with the customer to create exactly what they want. You could be making a stained glass piece to fit a space and their decor, or custom wood table, the options are endless. Custom work requires extreme consideration of the customers needs and finances. Contracts are also important to protect you and your customer.

Cutom的工作是与客户一对一地合作,以创造他们想要的东西。 你可以制作一个彩色玻璃片,以适应空间和他们的装饰,或定制的木桌,选择是无止境的。 定制工作需要极其考虑客户的需求和财务。 合同对于保护您和您的客户也很重要。

I also discuss what you can do if you recieve a bad check. This refers to the other catagories as well.
我还讨论了如果收到不良支票你可以做些什么。 这也指其他类别。

Teaching Your Craft
Once you become proficient with your craft you may opt for teaching. This can be both lucrative and rewarding as you help people become proficient working with you medium.
一旦你熟练掌握了手艺,你就可以选择教学。 这可以既有利可图又有益,因为您可以帮助人们熟练地与您合作。

Advertising in one form or another is what drives our income. It may be face to face, word of mouth, or an internet presence and many others. Which ones have I found to be right for the crafts market. As a subsection of advertising I discuss in some detail photography and how important it is for your advertising.
以某种形式进行广告是推动我们收入的因素。 它可能是面对面,口口相传或互联网存在以及许多其他方面。 我发现哪些适合工艺品市场。 作为广告的一个部分,我将详细讨论摄影以及它对您的广告的重要性。

Book Keeping
Book Keeping is no-ones favorite job but it is an incredibly important part of your business. I explain how I set up my books and record the items and their various categories. I also describe when and how you should use an accountant. Taxes and keep sanity dealing with the government.
Book Keeping不是最受欢迎的工作,但它是您业务中非常重要的一部分。 我解释了如何设置我的书并记录项目及其各种类别。 我还描述了你何时以及如何使用会计师。 税收和保持理智与政府打交道。

General Tips
These are just a miriad of information I have picked up ove the years that will help you do things faster and more cost effective. It is OK to pay for some things that you would struggle with for hours.
这些只是我多年来所掌握的一系列信息,可以帮助您更快地完成任务并提高成本效益。 可以支付几个小时你会挣扎的东西。