How To Choose A Multi-Level Marketing Winner! 如何选择多层次的营销赢家!

Dear Reader,

If you are like most people, you probably have had some experience with Multi-Level Marketing, or MLM. You may be or were a MLM marketer.  You may have been invited to view a presentation of a business opportunity.
如果你像大多数人一样,你可能已经有过多层次营销或传销的经验。 您可能是或是MLM营销人员。 您可能已被邀请查看商机的演示文稿。

Regardless of your experience (or lack of it) there’s a great possibility you have been exposed to the concept.  But, that’s where the association ends. Too many potential MLM opportunities are not presented as legitimate business opportunities.
无论您的经验(或缺乏经验),您都有可能接触到这个概念。 但是,这就是协会结束的地方。 太多潜在的传销机会并未被视为合法商机。

Whether you sold vitamins or water systems, make-up or phone service the odds are pretty good that your experience was less than successful.  It’s a sad testimony to the world we live in, but you probably also learned very quickly that many people are turned off by MLM.
无论您是出售维生素或水系统,化妆品还是电话服务,您的体验都不太成功。 这是我们生活的世界的悲惨见证,但你可能也很快就知道许多人被传销所关闭。

That’s a tragedy!  Too many representatives are not properly trained to succeed in theindustry and just give up too easily.  They are not schooled in the nuances of MLM and expect instant gratification. 
那是一场悲剧! 太多的代表没有经过适当的培训,无法在行业中取得成功,只是轻易放弃。 他们没有受到传销的细微差别的教育,并期待即时的满足感。

No business opens their doors to instantaneous success. Not one!

No one can dispute the success of Wal-Mart. However, did you know that Sam Walton had numerous failures and moderate successes between 1945 and 1962 when the first true Wal-Mart was opened?
没有人可以质疑沃尔玛的成功。 然而,你是否知道Sam Walton在1945年至1962年第一个真正的沃尔玛开业时有多次失败并取得了一定的成功?

Even Warren Buffet understands the potential of MLM.  This became evident when he purchased controlling interest in a well-known MLM company.
甚至沃伦·巴菲特也了解传销的潜力。 当他购买一家知名传销公司的控股权时,这一点就变得明显了。

Regardless of your previous experience with any MLM company, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What if I could find the right MLM for me?
  2. What if I could turn it all around and be wildly successful?
  3. What if I could really dare to dream again?

Well, you can and it’s much easier than you may think.

And, The Secret is . . .

Sorry, not going to tell you about it in this letter.

But, we will tell you what it isn’t.

It isn’t about any specific MLM company over another.  Sorry we aren’t “dishing dirt” here.

It isn’t about generating leads or recruiting.

It isn’t about selling one product over another.
它与任何特定的传销公司无关。 对不起,我们这里不是“令人讨厌的污垢”。


And, we will tell you what it is.

Book 1 11

It is about what makes one MLM system more efficient than another.

It is about how to choose the company that best suits YOU.

It is about what to look for . . . before you start!

How do you do that?  Where do you get that kind of knowledge?  You need our MLM guide called “How To Choose A Multi-Level Marketing Winner!“
这是关于要寻找什么。。。 在你开始之前!
你是怎样做的? 你从哪里获得那种知识? 您需要我们的传销指南,名为“如何选择多层次营销赢家!”

and get this, some of the best parts are . . .

  • It is written by a successful MLM entrepreneur and is very easy to read.
  • It doesn’t require a lot of time to discover what you need to experience success.
  • Cost of the guide is minimal ? you’ll laugh at the price!
    指南的费用是最低的? 你会嘲笑价格!

Everything is there to help you understand that you CAN do this. The very fact that a regular guy has broken down the MLM process to 7 Basic Principles to achieve his own level of success is reason enough to jump at this chance to learn how you can do it too.  Take a look at what you’ll uncover: 

一切都可以帮助您了解您可以做到这一点。 事实上,一个普通人已经将传销过程分解为7个基本原则以达到他自己的成功水平,这个理由足以抓住这个机会来学习如何做到这一点。 看看你会发现什么:

Learn how to select the best products or services.
Find out how comprehensive the training is.
Discover how to compare dollar for dollar compensation.
Feeding your personal psyche and more!

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