How to Win Friends and. . .POWER Up Your People Skills! 如何赢得朋友和。。 提高你的人才技能!

Keep your job! Well, hopefully you won’t need any help in that department. But, in today’s shaky business environment who knows.
It’s a fact and no amount of sugar coating will change it. People are losing their jobs. And others are worried about losing theirs. As a result everyone is under tremendous pressure.
There’s one thing that could work to your advantage if you grab it quickly and begin to facilitate change in your daily life. No, it isn’t drugs!
Your personal communication skills can give you an advantage over your co-workers. They can, IF you are using them, that is.
What do we mean?
You need to “Power Up Your People Skills.” Fine tune your actions in the work place and you’ll find the added advantage is spilling over into your personal relationships as well.
Listen in today’s volatile market you need every advantage at your disposal to package yourself as a valuable commodity.
You’ve got nothing to lose by just taking a look – but you have just about everything to gain.
See you on the other side!
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How to Win Friends and Influence. . .Well, You Know the Rest
如何赢得朋友和影响力。。 好吧,你知道休息

Talk about exercising people skills, Andrew Carnegie is probably the most well-known of all self-help heroes.  Ever since he penned those words, countless numbers of people have read them and really tried to use them as a mantra in their daily lives.
谈论锻炼人的技能,安德鲁卡内基可能是所有自助英雄中最知名的人。 自从他写下这些话以来,无数人已经阅读过它们,并且真的试图将它们用作日常生活中的口头禅。

While the words and the meanings are timeless, adapting them to our frantic lifestyle today requires some tweaking so the meaning isn’t lost in translation.

If you have a belief system that is anchored in the knowledge that most people would “do better” if they “knew better” then you are off to a good start.  Now it’s time to fine tune and hone your people skills so you really can “do better” at getting along with others.
如果你有一个信念系统,这个信念系统基于大多数人“如果他们”知道得更好“会”做得更好“的知识,那么你就有了一个良好的开端。 现在是时候微调和磨练你的人际交往能力,这样你就可以“与其他人相处”做得更好。

That’s a worthy goal, especially now in the midst of the financial crisis.  While hundreds of people are losing their jobs and scores of others are walking a tightrope of uneasiness, you couldn’t ask for a better reason to “Power Up Your People Skills.”
这是一个有价值的目标,特别是现在正处于金融危机之中。 虽然有数百人正在失去工作,而其他几十人正在走钢丝的不安,但你不能要求更好的理由来“提高你的人才技能”。

Sure, some of the people who are losing their jobs are losing them as a result of budget cuts.  However, when your name and a  co-workers name are on a list and only one will be cut, how can you be sure it isn’t you?  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that your people skills have a HUGE affect on their decision.
当然,由于预算削减,一些失去工作的人正在失去他们。 但是,当您的名字和同事姓名在列表中并且只有一个会被删除时,您怎么能确定它不是您? 火箭科学家并不需要弄清楚你的人员技能对他们的决定产生巨大影响。

How long has it been since you brushed up on your communication skills? Do you have any clue how people talk about you when you aren’t around?  Do they say, “oh yeah Joe is a good guy he goes with the flow.”
自从你掌握了沟通技巧以来,这已经有多久了? 你有什么线索,当你不在身边时,人们如何谈论你? 他们是否说,“噢,乔是一个好人,他顺其自然。”

WRONG!  If that’s what you are relying on, think again.  “Power Up Your People Skills” gives you an entire chapter devoted to “just getting along” and why it’s just isn’t good enough!
错误! 如果这是你所依赖的,那就再想一想。 “加强你的人才技能”为你提供了一整章专门讨论“只是相处”以及为什么它不够好!

How do you deal with negative situations?  Do you just ignore bad behavior in your co-workers hoping it will go away?  Do you argue with a protagonist?  Whatever you are doing now probably isn’t good enough either.
你如何处理负面情况? 你是否只是忽视同事的不良行为,希望它会消失? 你和主角争论吗? 无论你现在做什么,可能也不够好。

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You don’t have a minute to waste!

Let’s just cut to the chase here.  Do you want to keep your job and avoid the chopping block?  If so, you have got to set yourself apart from the masses and you need to do it NOW, before the cut comes along.
让我们切入这里追逐。 你想保住你的工作,避免砧板吗? 如果是这样的话,你必须让自己与众不同,现在你需要在切入之前做到这一点。

Take a look at the following list.  It’s a sample of the arsenal you can put to work to help you KEEP that job:
看看下面的列表。 这是你可以用来帮助你保持这份工作的武器库样本:

  • Learn how to have better meetings
  • Develop your telephone techniques
  • Discover assertive skills
  • Find out how to give constructive criticism
  • And learn how to take criticism as well
  • How to be objective
  • Asking and getting cooperation
  • Learn how to delegate