Insider’s Guide to Successful Importing from the Third World 内幕人士成功从第三世界进口的指南

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You can travel all over the world, buy products you like, import your purchases into the United States, or into any other country, hence the whole world may be your marketplace, sell them, and travel in search of more products to buy and sell. You can run your own import export business as a walk-in business, home based business, online business or combination of all three. Above all you can live almost anywhere in the world you wish doing it!
您可以在世界各地旅行,购买您喜欢的产品,将您的购买进口到美国或任何其他国家,因此整个世界可能是您的市场,出售它们,并寻找更多Mc020202产品来购买和出售。 您可以将自己的进口出口业务作为预约业务,家庭业务,在线业务或三者的组合。 最重要的是,你几乎可以住在你想做的世界的任何地方

You can start an import export business using your own money or you can start an import export business using other people’s money. Above all, you will soon discover other ways to get involved in business and become a true entrepreneur! Import Export business may then indeed become just a steppingstone to a lifestyle you never thought of being possible. That is the main point here – you should not look at Import Export business as a job or a career but an opportunity to start a lifestyle you desire! If you ever dreamed of seeing the world, this is your chance to do something about it. Why stick to your current job or struggling business that leads to nowhere especially in the current economic climate in the United States.

您可以使用自己的资金开始进口出口业务,也可以使用其他人的资金开始进口出口业务。 最重要的是,您很快就会发现其他参与商业活动并成为真正企业家的方法! 然后,进口出口业务可能确实成为您从未想过的生活方式的踏脚石。 这是主要观点 – 你不应该把进口出口业务看作是一份工作或职业,而是一个开始你想要的生活方式的机会! 如果你曾经梦想过看到这个世界,那么你就有机会为此做点什么。 为什么坚持你目前的工作或陷入困境的业务,尤其是在美国目前的经济环境中。

You should do the same! You must do the same, today, in this economy! Yes, the talk is about loss of jobs in this country and need to bring the jobs back. But let’s face it, you can’t really profess Free Trade and hope for much of what we now import to be suddenly Made in USA, not anytime soon. And even if, you can take your Made in USA product and sell it elsewhere as in this business the whole world is your marketplace!

你也应该这样做! 今天,你City Cars Road Houses必须在这个经济中做同样的事情! 是的,谈论的是这个国家失去工作,需要恢复工作。 但让我们面对现实吧,你真的不能宣称自由贸易,并希望我们现在进口的大部分产品突然在美国制造,而不是很快。 即使你可以把你的美国制造产品卖到其他地方,就像在这个行业一样,整个世界都是你的市场!

I have taught classes in Denver, Colorado and elsewhere in the United States for 20 years. Over the years I have had hundreds of students in my classes and many more who found my materials on the internet. Most had no idea what they’d want to import, no clue how to start nor what problems to expect. Actually I prefer this type to those that are already fixed on a product to import, for many are on the wrong track… Taking my classes or getting my materials they got a sound idea where to start and some became very successful!

我在丹佛,科罗拉多州和美国其他地方教过课20年。 多年来,我班上有数百名学生,还有更多的学生在互联网上找到了我的资料。 大多数人不知道他们想要导入什么,不知道如何开始,也不知道会遇到什么问题。 实际上我喜欢这种类型的产品已经固定在要导入的产品上,因为许多产品都在错误的轨道上……接受我的课程或获取我的材料他们有一个合理的想法从哪里开始,有些变得非常成功!