Insiders Secrets To Flea Market Profits 内部人士对跳蚤市场利润的秘密

How A Frustrated School Teacher Skipped Class and Changed His Life!


Bud Austin started out in life by doing what “convention” dictated.  He studied hard, graduated from college and entered the well respected realm of a noble profession.  He became a classroom teacher.
Bud Austin通过做“惯例”所规定的生活开始了。 他努力学习,从大学毕业,进入了一个受人尊敬的高尚职业领域。 他成了一名课堂老师。

In the early 80’s Bud started to question his chosen career path.  He began staring out the window daydreaming about the world outside the classroom.  He wanted to travel.  He wanted to broaden his horizons.  He wanted to live “the good life.”
在80年代早期,巴德开始质疑他选择的职业道路。 他开始盯着窗外做白日梦,讨论教室外的世界。 他想去旅行。 他想扩大视野。 他想过“美好生活”。

And, most important, he wanted to do it before life passed him by.  The problem?  How was he going to accomplish it?  He had no experience at making money outside of his job. 
而且,最重要的是,他想在生命过去之前做到这一点。 问题? 他是如何完成的? 他没有在工作之外赚钱的经验。

He took stock of what he liked to do.  He liked to travel so he began to explore different options for earning an income while he did what he liked to do.  He created a list and after checking out the pros and cons of each option, it hit him.  Flea Markets!
他总结了他喜欢做的事情。 他喜欢旅行,所以当他做他喜欢做的事情时,他开始探索赚取收入的不同选择。 他创建了一个列表,在查看了每个选项的优缺点之后,它击中了他。 跳蚤市场!

Bud spent the next two years educating himself.  He visited flea market after flea market, studying the ins and outs.  What to sell.  How to sell it.  What not to sell and how to avoid it.  He set up his first booth at a flea market close to home and used it as a training ground.
Bud在接下来的两年里一直在教育自己。 他在跳蚤市场之后访问了跳蚤市场,研究了这些来龙去脉。 卖什么 如何出售。 什么不卖,以及如何避免它。 他在靠近家的跳蚤市场设立了他的第一个展位,并将其用作训练场。

He spent weekend after weekend studying the process.  He observed the successful marketers and sought them out.  He picked their brains then applied what he learned.  After two years of trial and error, hours and hours of on the job training, he was ready.  He hasn’t looked back since!
他周末在周末学习这个过程。 他观察了成功的营销人员并寻找他们。 他挑选了他们的大脑然后运用他所学到的东西。 经过两年的试验和错误,在工作培训的数小时和数小时,他已经准备好了。 从那以后他一直没有回头!

Now, you can learn all the insider secrets and tips and tricks he mastered over the years.  In fact, Bud knows that some of hFleaMarket 2is fellow marketers in the industry are just going to hate that he’s sharing this information with you.
现在,您可以了解他多年来掌握的所有内幕秘密和技巧。 事实上,Bud知道他所在行业的一些营销人员只会讨厌他与你分享这些信息。

Why isn’t he afraid of teaching this to others?  Well, he fully realizes that not everyone will follow his advice despite the fact that he is a proven example of how to live “the good life.” 
他为什么不害怕向别人教这个? 好吧,他充分认识到,并不是每个人都会听从他的建议,尽管他是如何过上“美好生活”的成功典范。

What you can expect to learn from his years of knowledge and experience:

  • Secrets the flea market dealers don’t want you to know
  • The reality behind “wholesale prices”
  • The 3x markup
  • Where dealers buy
  • Where to get your merchandise
  • What to sell
  • Where to set up
  • Permits
  • Five most common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to make “quiet” money
  • Why you should never “sell low” on Friday
  • Learn the lingo
  • Confidential sources of suppliers
  • and much, much more!

Bud didn’t start out as a youngster by deciding one day that he was going to grow up to be a flea market vendor.  As you’ve read it was quite the opposite.  But it’s the best decision he ever made.
Bud有一天决定他将成长为跳蚤市场供应商,并不是从小就开始。 正如你所读到的那样恰恰相反。 但这是他做过的最好决定。

He now dictates when he wants to work.  He decides where he wants to work.  He decides how much income he wants to earn.  You can do it too, if you choose.  You owe it to yourself to check out this lucrative opportunity and decide if it’s for you.
他现在决定什么时候开始工作。 他决定在哪里工作。 他决定他想赚多少收入。 如果你愿意,你也可以这样做。 你应该看看这个有利可图的机会并决定它是否适合你。

Heck, you can cut the two year training period down to a day or two to make your decision.  Check it out.  Discover how you, too, CAN live “the good life.”  Order your copy now!
哎呀,你可以将两年的培训期缩短到一两天来做出决定。 看看这个。 了解您如何过上“美好生活”。立即订购您的副本!