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A Chronicle Of One Man’s Meteoric Rise To Internet Fame and Fortune. . .and How You Can Do The Same!
互联网名望和财富的一个男人的流星崛起的编年史。。 。你怎么能这样做!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere, you have no doubt heard his name before. Especially if you are reading something that lists the top marketers on the Internet.
除非你一直躲在某个地方的岩石下,否则你无疑会听到他的名字。 特别是如果您正在阅读列出互联网上顶级营销人员的内容。

Mention the word “e-book” and one name automatically comes to mind. Tom Hua! Many marketers have come and gone since he first revolutionized the information industry. Many have tried to emulate him, but there is only one genuine article.
提到“电子书”这个词,一个名字会自动浮现在脑海中。 汤姆华! 自从他第一次革新信息产业以来,许多营销人员来去匆匆。 许多人试图效仿他,但只有一篇真正的文章。

If you wanted to learn how to become successful in the online information industry, who would you rather hear from? A “copycat” or the guy who pioneered the system?
如果您想学习如何在在线信息产业中取得成功,您更愿意听到谁? 一个“模仿者”还是开创这个系统的人?

It’s a “no-brainer,” isn’t it? Of course you want the straight scoop and now you have the opportunity to do just that. Get the “whole enchilada” from the bona fide leader of the pack! Now, you can learn the secrets to his success and apply them to your own efforts.
这是一个“不用脑子”,不是吗? 当然,你想要直勺,现在你有机会做到这一点。 从真正的领导者那里获得“整个辣酱玉米饼馅”! 现在,您可以了解他成功的秘诀,并将其应用到您自己的努力中。

Discover the humble beginnings of this info product genius and learn how he overcame the same struggles you are faced with every single day in your online business.

He tells you in his introduction:
他在他的介绍中告诉你:LeapAhead2 Header

“I know that I could achieve great results in just a few weeks rather than several months, if I ever had to start from scratch again because, today, I have these proven techniques.”

That’s because Tom has proven results that what he did works! He goes on to say that his techniques:

那是因为汤姆证明了他所做的成就! 他继续说他的技巧:

“They are so simple that they could be used by anyone! You can succeed in Internet marketing even if you are not tall, good looking and even if your English is not very good – I’ve proved all of that.”
“它们非常简单,任何人都可以使用它们! 即使你不高,看起来很好,即使你的英语不是很好,你也可以在网络营销方面取得成功 – 我已经证明了这一切。“