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This is a test.  How many people reading this have ever been invited to a social gathering at the home of friends only to find that you were really being roped in to viewing a business proposition?
这是一个测试。 有多少读过这篇文章的人曾被邀请参加朋友家的社交聚会,却发现你真的被用来查看商业主题?

Yeah, it was a trick question.  Either you are young enough to have never been subjected to the “old” methods of MLM or you are old enough to know that this was a rhetorical question.
这是一个测试。 有多少读过这篇文章的人曾被邀请参加朋友家的社交聚会,却发现你真的被用来查看商业主题?

I doubt that there is anyway in the “boomer” or slightly pre-boomer category who didn’t respond with a resounding yes and a good dose of bad taste in their mouth.

Sadly, that was the way many people chose to operate their mlm business.  Well, that was then, and this is now.
可悲的是,这是许多人选择经营其mlm业务的方式。 嗯,就在那时,现在就是这样。

Steven Jones has put together what should be considered the modern-day
“bible” for mlm.  All too often, people lose site of the fact that mlm is a business.  Because it is usually a home-based business folks have a tendency to treat it more like a social enterprise rather than give it the importance they should.
史蒂文琼斯把现在应该被视为现代的东西放在一起mlm的“圣经”。 很多时候,人们失去了mlm是一个企业的事实。 因为它通常是一个以家庭为基础的企业,所以人们倾向于将其视为社会企业,而不是赋予它应有的重要性。

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Steven takes away the blinders and teaches the reader how to begin and operate their own business using mlm as the business model.  See, that’s really what it is. . .just another model for doing business.
史蒂文带走了眼罩并教导读者如何使用mlm作为商业模式开始和经营自己的业务。 看,这就是它的本质。。 .just另一种做生意的模式。

He shows you how having this model for business bring you many percs and benefits that would otherwise escape you under the model of a brick and mortar style of operation.

He takes you by the hand and step-by-step walks you through everything you need to know BEFORE you jump into a potential mlm business.  Take a look at just a few of the topics he covers:
在您进入潜在的mlm业务之前,他会带领您一步一步地引导您完成您需要了解的所有事项。 看一下他介绍的几个主题:

  • How to find the right MLM for YOU
  • How to evaluate a MLM plan
  • How to avoid the bad ones
  • Selecting just the right products
  • How to properly build a downline
  • Training your downline
  • Discover how to avoid the scams

There’s no mystery to doing business.  And, there is a definite advantage to using the mlm model. Steve covers it all for you and removes the mystique.
做生意并不神秘。 而且,使用mlm模型有一个明显的优势。 史蒂夫为你揭开了一切,消除了神秘感。

If you are thinking about starting a business of your own, then you definitely should explore mlm.  There is a wrong way to do it and a right way. Grab the information about the RIGHT WAY now.  You’ll thank us later.
如果你正在考虑创办自己的企业,那么你一定要探索mlm。 有一种错误的方法,并采取正确的方法。 现在抓住有关正确方式的信息。 你以后会感谢我们。