Sales Letter Software 销售信函软件

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“At last! There’s a salesletter software that does the job … AND … is easy to use. I’m sick of the programs that claim to be easy – then force you through so many fiddly steps that you’ll be lucky to use them more than once. That’s why I created my own software that makes writing your own salesletter easier than falling off a log – and automatically inserts my secret and ECOVER Saleslettersoftware 253x300proven copywriting formula into your marketing!”

“最后! 有一个销售通讯软件可以完成这项工作……并且…易于使用。 我厌倦了声称很容易的程序 – 然后强迫你经历这么多繁琐的步骤,你很幸运能够不止一次地使用它们。 这就是为什么我创建了自己的软件,这使得编写自己的销售简报比丢失日志更容易 – 并自动将我的秘密和经过验证的文案公式插入到您的营销中!“

“It’s true – in just 30 minutes from now you can have your own professionally written sales letter WITHOUT paying huge copywriting

“这是真的 – 从现在起30分钟内你就可以拥有自己的专业书面销售信,而无需支付巨额文案