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Let me asking you something… how long have you wanted to be your own boss? Can you just…
让我问你一件事……你想成为自己的老板多久了? 你能……

  • Imagine the freedom and excitement of waking up every day, and discover that you made money… in your sleep!
  • Imagine going to lunch with your friends (who still work their day jobs) and casually telling them about your success, and inspiring them to go for their own dreams!
  • Imagine the respect and admiration you’ll gain from your peers when you tell them that you don’t bother with having a boss anymore (while they are still complaining about theirs)!
Starting An Import Export Business Large

Not only is this possible with Import Export… but people just like you are truly striking in rich in this amazing “work from home” industry.


SIDENOTE: Now you don’t have to work from home, but many people do, because they enjoy the flexibility that comes from creating their own schedules, and not wasting their time with rush hour traffic.

Very few careers can offer you the freedom and flexibility that Import Export can. You can take long vacations, and actually get paid for them (while you’re out making new contacts for your business). If you want, you can travel the world, and become a powerful International presence, or you can stay at home and do all your business over the phone and on the Internet. And the best part is that there’s…

很少有职业可以为您提供Import Export所具有的自由和灵活性。 您可以长假,并实际获得报酬(当您为您的企业建立新的联系时)。 如果您愿意,您可以环游世界,成为强大的国际影响力,或者您可以留在家中,通过电话和互联网完成所有业务。 最好的部分是……