Wine and Spirits 葡萄酒和烈酒


We are looking for buyers and WINE & SPIRITS DISTRIBUTION IN CHINAOne of our new clients from Australia represents independent, small-batch, top quality, award-winning winemakers and distillers throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are asking if our China partner & distributors can represent them exclusively to secure one or more major Chinese distribAlcoholic Beveragesutors for Biodynamic, Natural and Organic Wines, Small Batch Artisan Spirits and Liqueurs from Australia and New Zealand.We included our wholesale price list and regular retail prices. Your company would add a fixed combined percentage and any distributors you find will add their percentage mark-up. The retailers, restaurants and bar owners would, of course, add their percentage before they sell to consumers directly.



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和酿酒师。 我们询问我们的中国合作伙伴和经销商是否可以代表他们专门为一家或多家主要的中国经销商提供生物动力,天然和有机葡萄酒,小批量工匠烈酒和来自澳大利亚和新西兰的利口酒。我们包括我们的批发价格表和常规零售 价格。 您的公司将添加固定的合并百分比,您找到的任何分销商都会添加他们的百分比

加价。 当然,零售商,餐馆和酒吧老板会在他们直接向消费者销售之前


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LET US KNOW IF THIS IS SOMETHING YOU CAN SECURE FOR US? If you can, we will prepare an exclusive agreement of representation between your company.These are Wine and Spirits products we have access to now.  We need to find a China distributor for the award-winning wine and spirit labels from New Zealand and Australia as soon as possible because Christmas/Chinese New Year buying/selling season is coming up.

让我们知道如果这是你可以保证给我们的东西吗? 如果可以,我们将在贵公司之间制定独家代理协议。这些是我们现在可以访问的Wine和Spirits产品。 我们需要尽快找到新西兰和澳大利亚屡获殊荣的葡萄酒和烈酒品牌的中国经销商,因为圣诞节/中国新年购买/销售季节即将到来。

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