LED Spot Light LED射灯

SL3916 Ip68 Solid Mini Led Spot LightImageMain 515

• 3W / 160 Lumens
• Light Distance: 150M
• 3.7V 2.2Ah Rechargeable Lithium Battery
• Work Time: 3 Hours
• Charge Time: 5-6 Hours
• 12V DC & 240V Chargers Included
• Self Locking Switch
• Lens Protector for Drop Durability
• Operating Voltage: 3.7V
• Operating Temperature: -10°C To + 50°C
• Material: ABS Housing (Rubber Sprayed)
• IP44 Rated (Waterproof, Dustproof & Splashproof)
• 165mm x 83mm x 174mm >LED Spot Light

•3W / 160流明
•3.7V 2.2Ah可充电锂电池
•包括12V DC和240V充电器
•工作温度:-10°C至+ 50°C
•165mm x 83mm x 174mm> LED射灯

ILLUME EX1 BK 3 300x259

Place of Origin: China

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