I Got Hired – Your Sales Toolkit 我受雇了 – 你的销售工具包

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Your Sales Toolkit Gives You All The Advice, Know How, Checklists And Templates For A Successful Job Hunt. It Takes You Beyond Great Resumes And Cover Letters And Teaches You How To Project A Winning Personal Brand In Everything You Do, Say And Write!

您的销售工具包为您提供所有建议,知道方法,检查清单和模板以获得成功的工作。 它带你超越伟大的简历和封面信件,并教你如何在你做,说和写的一切中投射出一个成功的个人品牌!

CreateThe ‘Winners Pack’ Of Every Document You Will Ever Need In Your Job Hunt

Learn How To Write Killer Resumes And Cover Letters That Will Get You Interviews


The Books 12 Habbits

Creating A Platform For Job Hunt Success
‘Your Sales Toolkit’ gives you all the advice, know-how, checklists & templates you need to create a perfect toolkit for your job hunt, including:

A full package of tailored agency & employer resumes & CVs

Cover letters that will get you noticed

A hard hitting ‘elevator pitch’ to drive home your key sales messages

2019e2s Book Your Sales Toolkit  Singl  The 4 Golden Rules Of Resume Writing

Phone scripts that will have real impact

Document packs of references, testimonials & qualifications

A Social Media profile that supports, not scuppers, your job hunt
‘Your Sales Toolkit’ takes you beyond just developing great resumes & cover letters & teaches you how to project a winning personal brand in everything you do, say & write.

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