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1nSourcing™ Business is the online business growth model designed for business owners looking to have more structure or develop from scratch their own digital product business using a tried, tested and proven method they can systematically use to develop their business. This provides not only the solid techniques and strategies used by successful online entrepreneurs, it’s designed specially with the entire operational ‘back end’ in mind as well, including the logistics of how the business can be operated. The plan and model can be tailored to any type of systems, or industry making it a completely solid and ‘whole’ solution to hit the ground running.

1nSourcing™Business是一种在线业务增长模式,旨在为希望拥有更多结构或从头开发自己的数字产品业务的企业所有者使用他们可以系统地用于开发业务的经过试验,测试和验证的方法。 这不仅提供了成功的在线企业家所使用的可靠技术和策略,它还专门针对整个运营“后端”而设计,包括业务运营方式的后勤。 该计划和模型可以适用于任何类型的系统或行业,使其成为一个完全可靠的“整体”解决方案。


That’s me, entrepreneur, digital nomad and my biggest accomplishment, mum of 3 😉
I’m the founder of Virtual Miss Friday, an Online Business Operations Consultancy & Academy with Built-In Virtual Assistant Services, and the creator of 1nSourcing™ – a service that specialises in serving late 5, 6 and 7 figure business owners.
I left the UK in 2005, at the age of 23 to pursue my dream of experiencing real freedom. I’ve grown a very successful location independent online business, travelling and living abroad full time, meeting my husband along the way and raising my 3 children. I now support people around the world in cultivating their own personal and professional aspirations in the digital world!

那是我,企业家,数字游牧民族和我最大的成就,妈妈的3 😉
我是Virtual Miss Friday的创始人,一个拥有内置虚拟助理服务的在线业务运营顾问和学院,以及1nSourcing™的创建者 – 这项服务专门为5,7和7位后期企业主提供服务。
我于2005年离开英国,享年23岁,追求体验真正自由的梦想。 我已经成长为一个非常成功的位置独立的在线业务,全职出国旅游和生活,一路上遇见我的丈夫,抚养我的3个孩子。 我现在支持世界各地的人们在数字世界中培养自己的个人和职业抱负!


Every month we have a group call for anyone in the 1nSourcing Programmes, including the Supporter, Entrepreneur, Consultant & Business. We discuss business development strategies, focus on accountability and have open Q & A. This is designed so you can get the help and support you need to stay on track.

These calls are hosted by Michelle every month and are ongoing – because the programmes are self-paced, you are free to attend these calls anytime in the future without any limitations.

每个月我们都会召集1nSourcing计划中的任何人,包括支持者,企业家,顾问和企业。 我们讨论业务发展战略,关注问责制并开放问答。这是为了让您获得所需的帮助和支持以保持正常运作。
这些电话每个月由Michelle主持并且正在进行 – 因为这些节目是自定进度的,您可以在将来的任何时间自由参加这些电话,没有任何限制。