The Complete Diet And Lifestyle Plan Exclusively For Mums 专为妈妈准备的完整饮食和生活方式计划

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The Only Diet And Weight Loss Book Written With A Busy Motherhood Life In Mind. By A Mum, Personal Trainer And Nutritionist.
唯一的饮食和减肥书写与繁忙的母性生活记在心里。 由妈妈,私人教练和营养师。

MUMS – Are you fed up of complicated meal plans, 21 Day Medium Rectangle 300 X 250
MUMS – 您是否厌倦了复杂的膳食计划,

time consuming recipes and inflexible exercise plans that just

don’t fit into your busy Mum-life?

Did you ever wish there was a weight loss plan that took into account the unique challenges of your busy and stressful Mum-life (that most trainers don’t understand)?

I wanted that too, so because there wasn’t such a guide, I wrote it myself!

And now I’m giving you the opportunity to learn all my inside tricks and secrets as to how I manage to stay slim, healthy, strong, and have tonnes of energy (most of the time!)…..even when they keep me up at night….
而现在,我正在给你机会学习21 Day Banner 828 X 315我的内心技巧和秘诀,了解我如何保持苗条,健康,强壮,并且有大量能量(大部分时间!)…..即使他们 让我夜不能寐

There’s absolutely no ‘fluff’ here, just the real, scientifically backed systems I use every day in my own life.

They’re not hard. They’re not time consuming. But they DO work.
他们并不难。 它们不耗时。 但他们确实有效。

Lose Weight, Tone Up And Have More Energy Without The Stress Of Decision Making. Designed With Busy, Tired, Frustrated Mums In Mind. No Hunger! No Sugar Cravings! Just Results!
在没有决策压力的情况下减轻体重,提高体力并拥有更多能量。 设计与忙碌,疲惫,沮丧的妈妈在心中。 没有饥饿! 没有糖的渴望! 结果!