Turnkey Advertising Business 交钥匙广告业务

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Saas App Allows Users To Launch Their Own Ad Business In Minutes. Members Give Away Free Ads And Make Instant Sales On The Back-end, Build A List And Generate Fast Traffic For Any Offer. Paying Lifetime Comms On A Very Sticky Membership Product.

Saas应用程序允许用户在几分钟内启动自己的广告业务。 会员放弃免费广告并在后端进行即时销售,构建列表并为任何优惠产生快速流量。 在一个非常粘的会员产品上支付终身通信。


If you’re sick of promoting other people’s stuff and you just want a simple but profitable business of your own – one that will reward you properly for your efforts – then consider this new Web App…
如果你厌倦了推广其他人的东西,而你只想要一个简单但有利可图的业务 – 一个能够为你的努力做出适当奖励的人 – 那就考虑一下这个新的Web应用……

You Giveaway Free Ads to your visitors, and some of those people will pay you for various add-ons.

Free or paid, every advertisier sends some visitors to activate their Ads, generating hands-free traffic to your website.

Which means even more free Ads are created and even more Sales are made… which in turn generates even more visitor traffic.

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