Mythbusters Expose Conspiracy Of the Century 神话破坏者揭露世纪阴谋

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They did it.

Mythbusters has proven that all cars are able
to run on a fuel source that is 9 times cheaper
than petrol.

The amazing thing is, cars are actually designed
to run on this fuel, but Big Oil suppressed
this information so that we would be forced
to shell out thousands of dollars annually
to pay for their oil.


神话毁灭者已证明所有汽车都能 以便宜9倍的燃料源运行 比汽油。

令人惊奇的是,汽车实际上是设计好的 使用这种燃料,但是大石油压制了 这些信息,以便我们被迫 每年掏出数千美元 支付他们的油。

Click here to learn about the mystery fuel
and how you can use it to slash your gas bills
by more than 83% this week.

P.S. This video is coming viral as more than
32,102 people has already watched the video in
the past 24 hours. Watch it before Big Oil tries
to take it down

点击这里了解神秘的燃料 以及如何使用它来大幅度减少油费 本周增长了83%以上。

附言 这部影片的传播远不止于此 已经有32,102人观看了该视频 在过去的24小时内。

大石油尝试之前观看 取下来