Getting off-grid has never been easier. 离网从未如此简单。

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This guy somehow did it.

You might find this just as shocking as I did, however,

new evidence proves that this secret device can change the world.

You have to see this new information.


您可能会发现这和我一样令人震惊, 新证据证明该秘密设备可以改变世界。


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Listen, I realize this sounds far-fetched, but the results are groundbreaking.

This is amazing stuff! And the strange thing is after the clip aired on TV…

the news channel never reported on it again.



奇怪的是,剪辑在电视上播出后… 新闻频道再也没有对此进行报道。

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This came out a few days ago, and they became angry, because they do not know how they missed this.

This is your constitutional right to be informed about this,

but they will do anything to censor this.


这是您获知此事的宪法权利, 但是他们会做任何检查。

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P.S. This information is spreading like wildfire, and it is a matter of seconds before this is reaching to their ears.

附言 这些信息像野火一样散布开来,只需几秒钟即可到达他们的耳朵。

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