Scam! Warning! 4 things that are scams! 诈骗! 警告! 4件骗局!

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There are many scams around Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

This is not the fault of cryptocurrencies, rather that people still have very minimal information about these things, and many take advantage on it.

比特币和加密货币周围有很多骗局! 这不是加密货币的错,而是人们对这些事情仍然了解得很少,许多人都在利用它。

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BE CAREFUL, if You encounter with these things:
Never share your private key with anyone! The Bitcoin wallet ID is NOT identical to the Private Key! NEVER share your private key with anyone who tells You that it is required to send money! NO, IT IS NOT! If You provide your private key to someone, then he will take your crypto-wallet.

Never believe anyone telling You that You can X30 your money with crypto-mining within let’s say 7 days. I am not going to go into details, but this is simply impossible. Then they ask You to transfer your personal money to his Bitcoin account, and he will pay You the profit after 7 days.

谨防,如果您遇到以下问题: 1, 切勿与任何人共享您的私钥! 比特币钱包ID与私钥不同! 切勿与任何告诉您必须汇款的人共享您的私钥! 不它不是! 如果您将您的私钥提供给某人,那么他将带走您的加密钱包。 2, 永远不要相信任何人告诉您,您可以说在7天内使用加密货币挖矿来赚钱X30。 我不会详细介绍,但这根本是不可能的。 然后他们要求您将您的个人资金转入他的比特币帐户,他将在7天后向您支付利润。

Do NOT believe such things!

Bitcoin mining is a very good and yielding opportunity, but You can NOT X30 your money within 7 days, and money shall be never transferred to a private person.

Be careful if You are asked for anything in e-mail, which they can gain access to your crypto-money with. For instance they ask You to provide your private key, or your password used on the crypto stock exchange for confirmation purposes, etc.

Service Providers NEVER ask for such things, so never send these data to anyone in e-mail!

不要相信这样的事情! 比特币采矿是一个很好的良机,但是您不能在7天内将您的资金X30,并且永远不得将资金转移给私人。 3, 如果要求您在电子邮件中输入任何内容,请小心,他们可以通过这些内容访问您的加密货币。 例如,他们要求您提供您的私钥,或您在加密货币交易所使用的用于确认目的的密码等。 服务提供商从不要求此类事情,因此切勿通过电子邮件将这些数据发送给任何人!
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Note what kind of website do You use. Scammers often register a domain with one character mixed up, which looks exactly the same as a well-known crypto stock exchange, and they ask You to login to that site. So always check the domain name, whether You login to the right website.

Always install an antivirus software on your computer to secure your data. I use the ESET Smart Security Premium, which has a 30-day-trial version too.

4, 请注意您使用哪种网站。 诈骗者通常会在一个域名中混入一个字符,这看起来与知名的加密货币交易所完全一样,他们会要求您登录该站点。 因此,请始终检查域名,是否登录正确的网站。 始终在计算机上安装防病毒软件以保护数据。 我使用ESET Smart Security Premium,它也有30天的试用版。

So do not let yourself scammed!

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