Massive Trading Options Video Course 35 Hours Video & Special Reports 大量交易选择视频课程35小时视频和特别报告

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The Trading Pro System is the ultimate real world options trading education course. This is the original course that has sold many thousands of copies over the last few years to raving reviews from option traders. 交易专业系统是终极的现实世界期权交易教育课程。 这是最初的课程,在过去几年中已售出了数千本,赢得了期权交易者的好评。

Watch over the shoulder of a real trader as he explains in detail the techniques and strategies you can learn in order to make money trading both bull and bear markets, in just 15 minutes a day. The focus of this course is on Iron Condors, Credit and Calendar Spreads

观察真正的交易员的肩膀,他详细解释了您可以学习的技术和策略,以便每天15分钟就能赚钱交易牛市和熊市。 本课程的重点是铁秃鹰,信用和日历价差

The system can used for trading options on regular stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) such as the QQQ, SPY and DIA


This course contains over 25 hours of video and audio education, 2 PDF guides and 3 Excel worksheets. Learn to trade with confidence by mastering stock selection, portfolio building, technical analysis and the Greeks.

本课程包含超过25个小时的视频和音频教育,2个PDF指南和3个Excel工作表。 通过掌握股票选择,投资组合建立,技术分析和希腊人知识,充满信心地进行交易。

This course is organized into 11 easy to follow modules covering:


Introduction to Trading as a Business  商业贸易概论

Understanding  理解

 How to use the Greeks to analyze your trades  如何使用希腊人来分析您的交易

Trade Selection and Strategies  贸易选择与策略

How to buiA6 300x250 1ld a successful Portfolio   如何建立成功的投资组合

Must Have Trading Tools (Think or Swim Trading Platform)   必须具有交易工具(思考或游泳交易平台)

Portfolio Management  投资组合管理

The Secrets of Trade Adjustments  贸易调整的秘密

How to close Positions for Maximum Profit  如何平仓以获取最大利润

Complete Technical Analysis Overview 完整的技术分析概述

Advanced Techniques and Wealth Building 先进技术与财富建设

Explosive Trading Strategy Examples  爆炸性交易策略示例

Bonus – Inside Days Trading System (69 minute video plus report)  奖励-内线交易系统(69分钟视频加报告)

Bonus – Extreme Trading (Day Trading Secrets (50 minute video)  红利-极限交易(日间交易秘密(50分钟视频)