eCoaching for Cash 现金在线辅导

Do you have years of experience and knowledge about a particular topic that you would like to share with others? Would you like to get paid to do this?

您是否想与他人分享有关特定主题的多年经验和知识? 您想为此获得报酬吗?

People have purchased this product and developed very successful full and part time Coaching and Training businesses in some of the following industries:

Marketing Life Coaching Skills Wedding Planning Consulting

Sales Business Consulting Marriage Counseling

Real estate Business Management Career Counseling

房地产业务管理职业咨询 法律委员会公众演讲简历研讨会

Legal Council Public Speaking Resume Workshops

Tax Preparation Teaching Professional Poker Training

Financial Advisor Hobbies Higher Educational Tutoring

保险顾问作者私人飞行员航空补习 健康,

Insurance Advisor Author Private Pilot Aviation Tutoring

Health, Dietary, or Fitness Motivational Speaker Relationship Advisor

Web Site Development Instructional Training Graphic Design Instructions

Personal Counseling Resume Writing Job Interview Coach

SEO Computer Repair Computer Software Training

Start your own online coaching, training or tutoring business and start making money from the knowledge you already have right from the comfort of your own home or office.


Train anyone anywhere in the world:
Don’t limit your coaching business to just your local geographic area! By doing it online you open up your target market to anyone in the world – literally!


不要将您的教练业务仅限于您的本地地理区域! 通过在线进行交易,您可以向全世界的任何人开放您的目标市场!

Increased attendance:
If people don’t have to spend time and money to travel to your coaching or training event they are more likely to attend. More people that attend means more dollars in your pocket!

出席人数增加: 如果人们不必花时间和金钱去参加您的教练或培训活动,那么他们更有可能参加。 参加会议的人数更多,意味着您的口袋里有了更多的钱!

Little to no cost:
No longer do you need to rent out space to hold your event, you can do it from the comfort of your home! You can develop and put together a full training or coaching class online for very little to no cost to you – that mans you can keep all the profits for yourself!

几乎没有成本: 您不再需要租用空间来举办活动,就可以在家中舒适地进行活动! 您可以花很少的钱甚至不花钱在网上开发和安排完整的培训或辅导课程,而您可以自己保留所有利润!

One on one or large scale training events:
No mater which type of training you enjoy doing you can train one to one or train large audiences at one time

一对一或大规模培训活动: 无论您喜欢哪种培训,都可以一对一培训或一次培训大量受众

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