How to start an handyman business 如何开展杂工业务

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Finally… A Book Anyone Can Follow to Successfully Start And Run Their Very Own Handyman Business, Now!


Professional handyman, John Magerowski has written a book for you that takes you from start to finish through how to start and operate your own handyman business.

专业杂工John Magerowski为您写了一本书,从入门到完成如何开始和经营自己的杂工业务。

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You are going to learn:

  • What tools to use
  • What types of jobs you’ll be running into and how to handle them
  • How to get customers!
  • How to handle your clients smoothly and effectively so they’ll call you back for more business
  • How to price your jobs and what to charge
  • The optimum way to keep records so you stay organized
  • And much more!

您将学习: 使用什么工具 您将要从事什么类型的工作以及如何处理它们 如何获得客户! 如何顺利,有效地处理您的客户,以便他们给您回电话以开展更多业务 如何为您的工作定价以及如何收费 保持记录的最佳方式,使您保持井井有条 以及更多!

Learn from a professional, who has already gone through the work of figuring it all out!


Don’t go slogging through the process of wasting time and money figuring this out by trail and error. A blueprint has been created right here. John has been a handyman for years and knows the procedure. He knows what you need to do and also what not to do, in order to succeed. Follow his steps and you’ll be on the road to success!

不要在浪费时间和金钱的过程中费尽周折。 此处已创建了一个蓝图。 约翰多年来一直是杂物工,并且知道程序。 他知道为了成功,您需要做什么以及不应该做什么。 按照他的步骤进行操作,您将成功!

What You’ll Get


You’ll receive the book “How To Start and Run Your Own Handyman Business Successfully” in downloadable form instantly. You’ll also receive the exclusive 40 minute interview John did on the popular internet podcast “Podnutz”, in which John lays out his best tips and advice for the aspiring handyman. Just watching this interview alone will put you leaps ahead of the competition and get you firmly on the road to starting your own handyman business. Both items are available immediately upon purchase.

您将立即以可下载的形式收到《如何成功地开展自己的杂工业务》一书。 您还将获得John在流行的互联网播客“ Podnutz”上进行的40分钟独家采访,其中John为有抱负的勤杂工提供了最佳建议和建议。 仅看这个采访就能使您在竞争中脱颖而出,并使您坚定地开始自己的杂工业务。 两种物品都可以在购买后立即购买。

Anyone Can Do This!


Wondering how to get customers? John has it covered. Nervous about doing your first job or asking customers for money? It’s totally handled in the book. Any questions you have about getting started are covered here. You have the ability to do this, you just need to start! And this book is the kickstart you need.

想知道如何获得客户? 约翰已经掩盖了。 紧张地从事第一份工作或向顾客要钱? 这是完全在书中处理的。 您对入门有任何疑问都在这里介绍。 您有能力做到这一点,您只需要开始! 这本书是您需要的入门。

Book Final F 251x300

There’s No Time Like The Present


You may be asking, “Is it a good time now to start a business?”. Think about it…just because of slow economic times doesn’t mean things arent still breaking or in need of repair around people’s homes. People want and need help and are looking for someone to call. They will feel they found a lifelong handyman if that person is dependable, courteous, and reliable. That person is you. A business will last through any economic time if it is a good, strong business with with good, strong people. This kit will show you how to build that.

您可能会问:“现在是开展业务的好时机吗?”。 想一想…仅仅是因为经济不景气,并不意味着事情仍然没有破裂或需要在人们的房屋周围进行维修。 人们需要和需要帮助,正在寻找可以打电话的人。 如果该人可靠,有礼貌和可靠,他们会觉得自己找到了一个终身的勤杂工。 那个人就是你 如果一家公司拥有良好,强大的人才,那么它会在任何经济时间内持续下去。 该工具包将向您展示如何构建它。

Instantly Downloadable!


No shipping required! That means no waiting! This package is available as an instant download. You’ll be reading immediately after payment is made.

无需运输! 这意味着没有等待! 该软件包可立即下载。 付款后,您将立即阅读。

Here’s a Taste


Here’s a taste of just some of the things you’ll learn with this book and video:


  • How to get over the fear of feeling like you don’t know enough to do this business
  • What tool is an absolute must when going on a job
  • What you won’t believe will be one of your most used tools
  • What types of jobs you’ll encounter and which will be the most common, so you’re prepared
  • What to do when somebody wants you to do something you’ve never done before
  • John’s most effective methods to get customers
  • The exact wording of the best ad John ever ran to get new customers
  • How to use the Internet to get customers
  • Whether you need a website for your business or not
  • Who the best types of clients are to have
  • The best way to attack buying the materials you need for a job
  • What part of being a handyman is ABSOLUTELY VITAL!
  • How to handle when a job just goes all wrong
  • How to determine how much you should charge for a job
  • Why you shouldn’t give estimates to customers about a job
  • What you should invariably do after finishing up a job – no exceptions
  • Tips on how to increase your professionalism overnight so you are able to project a much more appealing image to your customers
  • John’s best advice on keeping records
  • How to transport big sheets of material without having a truck
  • What you should run the other way from when you hear a prospective customer say
  • …and tons more!
  • 如何克服对自己不了解的恐惧
  • 从事工作时绝对必须使用什么工具 您不会相信的东西将是您最常用的工具之一 您会遇到什么类型的工作,
  • 哪些是最常见的,
  • 所以您已做好准备 当有人要您做您从未做过的事情时该怎么办 约翰获得客户最有效的方法 John赢得新客户最好的广告的确切措辞 如何使用互联网获得客户 您是否需要一个网站来开展业务 谁拥有最好的客户类型 攻击购买工作所需材料的最佳方法 做杂工的哪个部分绝对至关重要!
  • 当工作完全出错时如何处理 如何确定您应该为一份工作收取多少费用 为什么您不应该给客户关于工作的估计 完成工作后,
  • 您应该做什么—毫无例外 有关如何在一夜之间提高专业水平的技巧,
  • 以便您可以向客户投射更具吸引力的形象 约翰关于保存记录的最佳建议 如何不用卡车运输大片物料 从听到潜在客户的声音时应该采取的另一种方法 ……还有更多!