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Develop your entrepreneurial mindset with Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Program


Welcome to Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Program

You’ve arrived at the home of Millionaire MBA — the highly acclaimed MP3 based business mentoring program for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders.


It’s likely you’re now asking, ‘What is Millionaire MBA, what does it do, how does it work, and what’s in it for me?’.您现在可能会问,“什么是百万富翁MBA?它是做什么的?它是如何工作的?对我有什么用?”。

You may even be asking, ‘Can Millionaire MBA make me successful as an entrepreneur… even wealthy or financially free?’ — to which the answer is ‘yes, no, maybe’.


Here’s the story…这是故事…

A few summers ago, 29 UK based self-made millionaires, entrepreneurs and business experts were interviewed at their homes, offices and hotels — with the sole purpose of delving deep into their ‘millionaire mind‘.


These entrepreneurs included Duncan Bannatyne and Simon Woodroffe from Dragons’ Den, Sir Tom HunterLord HarrisLord Billimoria and 20 other high-profile and ultra-successful business leaders, plus 4 other experts in motivation, sales and marketing (these experts are self-made millionaires too!).

这些企业家包括来自Dragons’Den的Duncan Bannatyne和Simon Woodroffe,汤姆·亨特爵士,哈里斯勋爵,比利莫里亚勋爵以及其他20位知名和超成功的商业领袖,以及另外4位动机,销售和市场营销专家(这些专家都是自我 百万富翁!)。

They each took an hour or two out of their busy schedules to answer a series of 25 identical questions.


Each question probed deeply into what made them successful, with the goal to uncover exactly why these entrepreneurs were able to achieve the extraordinary business results they had.


The type of questions each entrepreneur was asked were:


  • What is the millionaire mindset?
  • What is the difference between you and others who haven’t achieved your level of success?
  • How did you know you’d be successful as an entrepreneur?
  • What is your appetite for risk?
  • What are the fundamentals of business?
  • How do you make a million?
  • And many more searching questions.
  • 百万富翁的心态是什么?
  • 您与尚未达到成功水平的其他人有什么区别?
  • 您怎么知道自己会成为一名成功的企业家?
  • 您对风险的偏好是什么?
  • 业务的基本原理是什么?
  • 你怎么赚一百万?
  • 还有更多搜索问题。

Each answer was recorded using high quality digital recording equipment, and their responses were chopped up, edited, and using the principles of NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming), analysed to find a consistent thinking pattern which is common amongst self-made millionaire entrepreneurs.


The output of that work is Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Program – a ‘timeless‘ 40-day audio-based mentoring program which teaches you to think like a self-made millionaire entrepreneur.


So, can Millionaire MBA (Mentoring By Audio) help you become successful as an entrepreneur? Again, the answer is ‘yes, no, maybe’, it’s very much up to you.

那么,百万富翁MBA(音频指导)可以帮助您成功成为企业家吗? 同样,答案是“是,不是,也许”,这完全取决于您。

The tools are here for you to learn how successful self-made millionaire entrepreneurs think, act and make decisions – and the program has been designed to help you think this way too. How you use the information, advice and guidance in Millionaire MBA, is up to you!

您可以在这里使用这些工具,以学习成功的百万富翁企业家如何思考,采取行动和做出决定-该计划还旨在帮助您以这种方式思考。 您如何使用百万富翁MBA中的信息,建议和指导取决于您!