Online! Success 3.0 Multi-media – An Online Business Building System 线上! 成功3.0多媒体-在线业务构建系统

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Are you frustrated?


I know there is nothing more anCarl Henry Global Online Success Cb Video 750x756 300x300 1 300x300noying than endlessly searching for high quality products you can sell as an affiliate, and that`s not even the worst part!

我知道没有别的了 比不停地寻找可以作为会员销售的高质量产品,这还不是最糟糕的部分!

Don`t you hate it when you find a product with potential, only to find that they offer the most basic Affiliate tools to promote the product? Sometimes there are no marketing tools at all.

当您发现有潜力的产品时,是否发现它们提供了最基本的会员工具来推广该产品,您不讨厌它吗? 有时根本没有营销工具。

You need to get started making sales as fast as possible and be supported by the product creator, but this is very hard to find! They normally focus on developing the main product and put little effort in developing the sales and marketing tools.

您需要尽快开始销售并获得产品创建者的支持,但这很难找到! 他们通常专注于开发主要产品,而很少致力于开发销售和营销工具。

Confused? 困惑?

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So, what options  do  you have in this situation? You could try to make your own new affiliate tools or employ outside contractors to create gra

As you did not create the product you probably don’t have the information needed to effectively highlight the benefits of the product. In this case you need to buy the product to learn all you can, to enable you to create effective marketing media.phics and other media for you. You really need to start selling now. But this costs you time and money.

那么,在这种情况下您有什么选择呢? 您可以尝试制作自己的新会员工具,也可以聘请外部承包商创建企业 由于您没有创建产品,因此可能没有足够的信息来有效地突出产品的优点。 在这种情况下,您需要购买产品以学习所有可能的知识,以使您能够创建有效的营销媒体,图片和其他媒体。 您确实需要立即开始销售。 但这会浪费您的时间和金钱。

What is the result?结果是什么?

More money spent and time lost, when you should be promoting and selling.