SHEFFIELD/钢盾-测电笔 12-250V 高档数显 电笔 试电笔SHEFFIELD/Steel Shield-Test pen 12-250V high-end digital display test pen


SHEFFIELD/钢盾-测电笔 12-250V 高档数显 电笔 试电笔-(S034013)/1支


SHEFFIELD/Steel Shield-Test pen 12-250V high-end digital display test pen-(S034013)/1 Nylon small bag is easy to carry! Multifunctional, convenient and convenient! Ergonomic design, comfortable grip! We need a tester like this, as long as it is placed on the outside, you can know if there is electricity.

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试电笔也叫测电笔,简称“电笔”。是一种电工工具,用来测试电线中是否带电。笔体中有一氖泡,测试时如果氖泡发光,说明导线有电或为通路的火线。 试电笔中笔尖、笔尾、为金属材料制成,笔杆为绝缘材料制成。 使用试电笔时,一定要用手触及试电笔尾端的金属部分,否则,因带电体、试电笔、人体与大地没有形成回路,试电笔中的氖泡不会发光,造成误判,认为带电体不带电。








Steel shield high-end digital display test pencil 12-250V The test pencil is also called the test pencil, or “electric pen” for short. It is an electrician tool used to test whether there is electricity in the wire.

There is a neon bulb in the pen body. If the neon bulb glows during the test, it means that the wire has electricity or is a live wire. The tip and tail of the test pencil are made of metal materials, and the barrel is made of insulating materials.

When using the test pen, be sure to touch the metal part of the end of the test pen with your hand, otherwise, because the charged body, the test pen, the human body and the earth do not form a loop, the neon bulb in the test pen will not emit light, causing a misjudgment, and it is considered a charged body Uncharged.

According to the measured voltage: High-voltage tester: used when working on projects of 10kv and above, it is the daily test tool for electricians; Low-voltage tester: used to detect charged objects with line voltage 500V and below.

Weak current tester: used to test electronic products, the general test voltage is 6v-24v.

For ease of use, the end of the electric pen often has a lead wire with a clip.

According to the contact method: Contact test pencil: A test tool that obtains electrical signals by contacting charged objects.

Usually the shape is a flat-blade screwdriver, and it is used as a test pen and a flat-blade screwdriver; the pen type, which displays the measurement data directly on the LCD window.

Inductive test pencil: Inductive test is used, without physical contact, it can check the voltage on the control line, conductor and socket or check the open circuit position along the wire.

It can greatly protect the personal safety of the inspectors.

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