[Shida] diagonal pliers 6″ diagonal pliers【世达】斜嘴钳6″ 斜口钳


【世达】斜嘴钳6″ 斜口钳
[Shida] diagonal pliers 6″ diagonal pliers
The caliper body is forged with 55CRNI, the blade is specially tempered by high frequency quenching, and the ergonomic TPR handle is comfortable and durable.

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钳口硬度:可达到48-60度,剪切力强。材质:可有45#碳钢、55#碳钢、铬钒钢等。手柄有单色沾塑手柄、双色沾塑手柄、PVC或TPR套柄,手柄花色繁多。表面处理以抛光电镀见多,也有珍珠镍、发黑等处理。用于切断金属丝,也可让使用者在特定环境下获得舒适的抓握剪切角度。斜嘴钳广泛用于首饰加工、电子行业制造、模型制作以及垂钓中。 常见问题:生锈;胶套松动;硬度不够; 电镀不良;尺寸问题常用规格: 5寸,6寸和7.5寸

Shida Diagonal Pliers 6″
Diagonal pliers are mainly used for shearing wires, redundant lead wires of components, and are also commonly used to replace general scissors shearing insulating sleeves, nylon cable clamps, and the like. The person using the tool must be familiar with the performance, characteristics, use, storage and repair and maintenance methods of the tool. The use of pliers is done with the right hand. With the jaws facing inward, it is convenient to control the jaw cutting position. Use the little finger to extend between the two tongs to resist the shank and open the tongs so that the shank is flexible.
Clamp hardness: 48-60 degrees, strong shear. Material: 45# carbon steel, 55# carbon steel, chrome vanadium steel, etc. The handle has a monochrome plastic handle, a two-color plastic handle, PVC or TPR handle, and the handles are colorful. The surface treatment is mostly polished and plated, and there are also treatments such as pearl nickel and blackening. It is used to cut the wire and also allows the user to obtain a comfortable gripping angle in a specific environment. Diagonal pliers are widely used in jewelry processing, electronics manufacturing, model making and fishing. Frequently Asked Questions: Rusty; loose rubber sleeve; insufficient hardness; poor plating; common size specifications: 5 inch, 6 inch and 7.5 inch
Matters needing attention: (1) prohibiting ordinary pliers from working on electricity; (2) cutting tight steel wire metal, must take protective measures to prevent broken steel wire bullets (3) can not use pliers as a tapping tool

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