Shield Transformers Super Bright LED Flashlight 钢盾变形金刚超亮LED手电筒(1W3节7号电池)


钢盾 手电筒 1W 3节7号电池 变形金刚超亮LED 强光 远射 战术防水防身 户外照明/1支

• 外壳采用铝合金包塑特别设计,结实耐用• 进口超亮CREE LED灯珠,使用寿命100000小时以上• 特有防雨淋防震设计

Steel Shield Flashlight 1W 3 Section 7 Battery Transformers Super Bright LED Strong light long-range tactical waterproof self-defense outdoor lighting / 1 • The shell is specially designed with aluminum alloy plastic, durable • Imported super bright CREE LED lamp beads, service life 100000 More than an hour • Unique rain and shockproof design

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LED手电是以LED(发光二极管)为光源的一种新型手电筒。因为LED具有高亮度、低功耗、寿命长、尺寸小等特点,所以是随身照明的理想选择[1] 。户外用的手电都是使用大功率3W以上的LED手电。

Steel Shield Transformers Super Bright LED Flashlight (1W3 Section 7 Battery)

LED flashlight is a new type of flashlight with LED (Light Emitting Diode) as the light source. Because LED has high brightness, low power consumption, long life and small size, it is an ideal choice for portable lighting [1]. Outdoor flashlights use LED flashlights with a power of more than 3W. It refers to a flashlight that uses LEDs as illuminants. LED as a flashlight is a matter of recent years, but it has occupied the main market of flashlight in a short period of time. This is due to its unique advantages. Long service life Since the birth of LED, it is most praised for its exceptional service life. According to the information provided by LED manufacturers, the LED life can be as long as 100,000 hours or more, and there is almost no need to consider the problem of replacing the bulb. Durable and durable LEDs are more durable than previous illuminators. When a Xenon bulb flashlight falls, it is easy to cause the bulb to break or break. The LED flashlight does not need to consider this phenomenon (the limit height is not available). Its packaging technology ensures the safety of the bulb. Another major feature of multi-mode LED flashlights is the ability to instantly change the brightness, which provides the possibility for mode conversion. With the application of LEDs, multi-mode flashlights have begun to appear, such as S.O.S and strobe technology can be better applied. Cold light In terms of color temperature, most LEDs emit light that is cold and has a low color temperature. It will be different from the xenon lamp in terms of color rendering.

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