钢盾硅胶枪 Steel shield silicone gun



·优质锌合金手柄,高级锌合金材质推块,高强度,寿命长 ·优质冷轧钢板枪体,推杆整体热处理,坚固,耐用 ·360度选装枪体,适合狭小、角落及夹缝空间使用

【GD-S052011】Steel shield_silicone gun/[1 piece]

·High-quality zinc alloy handle, high-grade zinc alloy push block, high strength, long life

·High-quality cold-rolled steel gun body, push rod integral heat treatment, sturdy and durable

·360 degree optional gun body, suitable for use in small, corner and gap spaces










5、系统操作灵活,简单易用,能够节省材料同提高生产效率。50ML手动AB胶枪,设计轻巧,适用混合比例1:1 / 2:1与4 : 1与10 : 1,配合双组份50ML储料胶筒使用,可以随意的控制出胶量,节省材料。









7. 在连续工作过程中,胶枪每次停止工作时间一般不得超过5分钟,否则,应打胶到胶排出完为止。

8. 高压胶管不得强行挤压、弯曲,防止影响胶枪正常工作。

Steel shield silicone gun Glue gun is a tool for gluing (or squeezing glue).

It may be used wherever glue is needed. It is widely used in construction decoration, electronic appliances, automobiles and auto parts, ships and containers and other industries.

product advantages:

1. Compared with the two-component mixing equipment, the glue gun has a low purchase cost, and can achieve the proportioning, automatic mixing, and quantitative introduction. The glue gun is especially suitable for some small processing plants, and the dispensing volume is not very large. Purchase equipment Not cost-effective and designed for this type of customer.

2. The special material is not easy to break. It only needs to be inserted into the AB glue cylinder with glue when used, and then connected to the mixing nozzle. The operation is very simple, and the body is small, light and durable, which meets the needs of manual dispensing.

3. A glue gun is suitable for four ratios of glue. If the glue ratio needs to be changed, a glue gun can also meet the requirements. Only one pusher needs to be replaced. It will not waste resources and can be recycled.

4. The total capacity of the AB glue gun is 50ml. The portable AB glue gun is suitable for a small amount of automatic mixing and dripping of various AB glues. It can completely solve the problem of uneven mixing of two-component adhesive products. It is applied to all two-component mixed materials, such as: Air resin and silica gel are the same as A/B glue.

5. The system is flexible in operation and easy to use, which can save materials and improve production efficiency. 50ML manual AB glue gun, lightweight design, suitable for mixing ratios of 1:1 / 2:1 and 4: 1 and 10:1, used in conjunction with a two-component 50ML storage rubber cylinder, can freely control the amount of glue and save materials.

6. The AB glue gun is the most rigorously designed, most user-friendly, and smoothest glue gun on the market. It is famous all over the world for its exquisite elegance and durability. The complete AB glue gun includes the gun body, AB storage tube (AB glue tube), mixing nozzle!

l How to use the glue gun: first pull the booster back and set it on top, then put the glue-filled mixing tube into the glue gun bay, and replace the matching mixing nozzle at the front end of the glue cylinder, and then turn the wrench to dispense glue.

The glass glue gun provides convenience for our glue gun, but the glue gun is damaged prematurely due to carelessness during use.

1. The connected air pressure should not be greater than 145psi.

2. Before disassembling the glue gun, separate the air pressure tube.

3. To operate smoothly, after each construction, use the solvent recommended by the sealant manufacturer to wipe off the remaining sealant in the barrel. (It is not allowed to soak the glue gun in solvent)

4. During construction, the front end of the barrel should be closed tightly.



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